Creating Important Pages On Blog [Quick Guide]

forgive me bro. i got carried away.
First of all, most of these things are determined by the theme you are using. if your theme supports it, fine, if it doesn’t then you need to get one that supports it!
for example… Menu, Tags, Popular posts, Archive, they all have to do with your theme.

The menu can consist of anything from pages to links, etc. but the theme has to support it for it to work.
Tags is added when you are creating your posts. It’s now left for the theme to bring it out to the public otherwise it remains hidden
Popular posts is the product of a calculation done by the theme that helps it determine the trending posts on your blog

amongst other things.
So, if you are using the original blogger template, you may need to change to a custom template to get these features.
Just make sure that your new template has support for all the features you need.
You can even get slide from your template.

Note: you can add all of these by yourself by editing the theme but thejn you have to understand how they are coded and be able to program in such languages as Javascript,etc.

So, bro, get a new theme that has the features that you need.


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