Clone micro SD card of your Raspberry Pi [Full Guide]


If you need extending the disk space of your Raspberry Pi in changing Micro SD card or simply copy your SD card as a source to fund a second Raspberry Pi then, the few lines that follow should interest you

To do this, you need the same tool that we had already met when loading your Raspbian image in your Raspberry Pi, namely:. Win32 Disk Imager consult former Article

Step 1 -. Create the current image of your Raspberry Pi

We will assume that you have already a Raspberry Pi configured properly.

  1. Take your micro SD card and insert the adapter into your computer and on your .

  2. Start the application Win32 Disk Imager

  3. Set the location to save the current image of your Raspberry Pi (eg on your desktop. C: User nom.prenom Desktop Image-Actuelle.img and select the corresponding letter in the drop-down menu to your SD card

  4. Click Read to. start creating your image.


According to the disk space of your micro SD card, the operation will take more or less time.

once the image is complete, then loading the new replacement micro SD card. We have to follow the same procedure as we have already seen in the previous article

Step 2. – Install your new image on your Raspberry Pi

in my case, my problem was to migrate to an SD card of larger capacity. So I re-loaded the old image on my new card then I raised the sudo Raspi-config to extend the Raspberry Pi storage capacity.


  1. Re-use the Win32 Disk Imager , use the same image that you previously created but this-time click Write to transfer it to your new SD card

  2. when finished, start your Raspberry Pi and run the following command:.

sudo Raspi-config


Then, in the window that appears, select Expand Filesystem . It’ll just restart the Raspberry Pi and verify that it has good storage of the SD Card

 df -H 

Your Raspberry is available again, with the same configuration and increased storage

More information:.


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