Can we use technology "Blockchain" in another application?

The short answer is: Yes


To answer, we must understand the concept of technology “Blockchain”
The technology of “Blockchain”!?. based on a fundamental concept is the “decentralization”. That said, any organization (federation, state or etc …) and no third party has the right and the supervisory capacity of what happens during transactions (sending and receiving blocks that constitute the “Blockchain” .)

in reaching this stage of trust between users and the network of “Blockchain” we have to ask: How can we reach a consensus between individuals that do not know each taking account that many of them are not about trust?
Philosopher on this issue may lead us to give several answers and visualize several discrepancies. In the theory of “Blockchain” and its direct application is the “Bitcoin” the answer is given in the form of a single question: Who owns what exactly

Let me explain
?. the answer / traditional solution, in our world today and before the arrival of the technology “Blockchain” is the need to trust an agency (state central bank third parties, etc …), and this we will not need to have a trust between individuals. Everything goes by that body. And we must trust this body … is a problem here: This organization is he really about trust
The revolution technology “Blockchain” has made, is to solve this problem without use trust any organization. The complexity and network density “Blockchain” is our only proof of truthfulness and trust. And the realization of this leads us to lay the foundations of a decentralized policy.

In other words, the “Bitcoin” (as a direct application of technology “Blockchain”) allows to transfer money from one individual / organization / community in a (an) other without requiring a valid contract of the transaction and without needing to know the identity or the balance of etc … those who will establish the transaction. This is achieved by the great mass of computers in the network “Blockchain” who check the validity and proper conduct of each transaction (the transaction block is called “Blockchain”). These transactions will be saved forever, visible and verifiable by everyone in the network and outside the network.

Now imagine using this technology in applications other than the currency. Imagine using this technology in every field where trust is a fundamental pillar? I quote the examples of contracts, evidence of identity, properties, etc …
If we try to sum what I just said: We are before the dawn of technology that moves us to do without banking services, trust organizations, etc … and especially to go from a world “central” to another “decentralized”

another question. Why should we go to ? “decentralization”
the answer is simple: This reduces costs, reduces fraud, speeds up transactions and reduce bureaucracy

.A new decentralized era is close at hand!

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