Bitter Experience - Looking At Adsense From The Perspective Of A Nigerian Publisher [Quick Guide]

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It wasn’t so long, on the 30th of the month of June when Adsense suspended my account. I was shocked but not angry. I wanted to know the cause of the suspension. the message from them read “invalid clicks”.

Wow, really?
I knew I had never clicked Adsense ads, not with my own PC or phone so how did this come about? the question remains unanswered till now simply because AdSense does not disclose their tactics of capturing invalid clicks activities nor do they show any statistics as to how this is done. Why? to protect their network strategies from being compromised!
What an excuse. A hilarious one indeed!
So, we are expected to go searching for answers in our dreams to learn what really caused the suspension and act on it to protect our account?
That’s why I call it an excuse for blocking people’s accounts. If it were so real and transparent, why can’t people see through it? Why is it invisible? yet transparent.
Well, after I could not discover where I faltered really, I got vexed with them but only for a few days as my account was set to come back in a month’s time.
Lo and behold, my account was activated on the said day and it’s time to continue from where we stopped.
Note: I have not been able to make any changes to my site as regards the ads or traffic source for two reasons.

AdSense did not tell me what the problem was
there was absolutely nothing wrong with my sites or the ads to the best of my knowledge

Now that my account is back, I checked and AdSense did not deduct any money from there as I feared.
I was happy only for a short while. At least I could hold on to that one.
Imagine my despair when I logged in several days later to discover that AdSense has made away with about 63% of all my earnings. Hoho, Adsense is not getting tired of playing games with me. The money they deducted dated back to months before my account was suspended. What kind of crime did I commit that AdSense will charge me a full month’s payment?
But if you check it well, my own case is better than that of several hundreds of Nigerians whose’s account were blocked that same month.

You haven’t heard the worst of it all.

The worst part is that I cannot complain to anyone, not google nor the AdSense team!

Am not alone in this adsense game that the user always loose. There are many other people like me who feel bad about the whole scenario.

1. A friend of mine, a close one indeed was blocked outright within few months of using their network. he never cashed 1 naira.
2. Another friend of mine was blocked just a few weeks ago and he has never cashed 1 dollar from Adsense.
3. Adsense claimed that he copied a download link from a website and the original file owners got vexed and reported him to their team, they just felt like banning was the right thing to do and they binned his account!
How easy it was for them yet how much sorrows it have caused for my friend, me and sure others!
4. Yet another good friend of mine messaged me today and said that AdSense has taken away more than 50% of his earnings and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HE CAN DO ABOUT IT!

This begs answer for the question.
Adsense is so rich. they control the money, maybe as much as facebook does with their ad campaigns but THEY TAKE SO MUCH PLEASURE IN TAKING AWAY THE LITTLE THAT POORER PEOPLE ARE USING TO SUSTAIN THEMSELVES! why???

Sadly, no one can answer such a question and AdSense will just continue what they are doing unless of course the Original google team, Larry Page & Sergey Brin decide to do justice to the AdSense team and this justice is what we plead with them to do soon.
Maybe, take away one month’s salary from all the AdSense workers randomly to show them what it means to be treated the same way they treat their customers.

This is not ALWAYS the case

As always, you will agree with me that everyone is not equal. AdSense proves this. Without being told, I know that American publishers don’t face as much hardship as Nigerian publishers do. They surely experience low blocking and less harsh treatment but this is not entirely their fault. They are Americans and they have people to protect them. their government is monitoring every single thing but this is Nigeria and there is no one who knows what AdSense is except those that are using them.
A few months back, the europe antitrust dragged google to court because of their unfair practices but there is no such thing in Nigeria.
Am sure that if the same council should look into our case, Adsense will be fined, closed and fried as a company for dealing so poorly with publishers.

What can Nigerian Bloggers and Webmasters do then?
It all seems as though there is no hope for Nigerian publishers.
Its as though there is no alternative to AdSense and indeed, there is little sense making Nigerian ad networks to switch to. You will very well agree with me that Nigeria have little to call their own on the www and that’s one of the reasons why they are easily played with and cheated.

However, Nigerian ad networks still exist but am not listing any here as am not experienced with them and their protocols.
However, if you know of any Nigerian ad network, please save time fo people and drop the link here

Meanwhile, I will like to hear from you about what you think about Adsense and blogging in Nigeria.

  • Do you have a similar experience?

  • How will you rate Adsense on a scale of 1-10?

  • What’s your biggest Adsense problem?


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