Adsense Alternative - Get Higher Cpc With Winthrillsnetwork! [Quick Guide]

Yes, I was actually comparing with Google Adsense as crazy as it may sound but the comparison is, in fact, valid! So, in the end, I was able to come to a conclusion that AdSense has finally gotten a competitor in Nigeria – a new adsense alternative in winthrillsnetwork.

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The comparison is solely based on CPC. Let’s have a look at how Google Adsense CPC compares with CPC offers by Winthrillsnetwork.

Adsense has ads of different categories and each of these ads has different cost per clicks. Some ads have very high CPC while others have CPC as poor as $0.03! I have come across such several times in Adsense.
Here’s what it means in naira…

Adsense CPC for Nigerians
$0.03 * 300 = #9.

Just 9 naira per click.

Learn some Advanced techniques for Improving Adsense CPC
Now, let’s compare it with what has to offer and see how it checks out!

Winthrillsnetwork CPC for Nigerians has CPC as low as 1 naira and also some Nigerian ads that have very high CPC of about 20 naira per click!

That’s how big the gap between AdSense and winthrillsnetwork can be.

Indeed, AdSense may be cool but considering is Nigerian ad network and pays in Naira, I think that Google Adsense has really gotten a competitor.

Winthrillsnetwork has so many other things to fix up in order to qualify fully to Compete with the top guys in the market, starting with provision a more professional design


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