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“Hi, I’m Michael, the creator of AdBlock. Excuse the interruption! “Perhaps you were faced with this message Friday, October 2nd by opening your web browser. This is certainly the case if you are among the 40 million users claimed by AdBlock, one of the most popular online ad blockers. In this message, Michael Gundlach, its creator, ad Adblock “Advertisements acceptable now participates in program”, launched by AdBlock Plus extension for a competing browsers.

The program is to pass by default some deemed advertisements comply with certain criteria defined by EYEO, the company behind AdBlock Plus size inserts, size, made to comply or not reading … short, considered less invasive advertisements. But this operation is at the heart of a controversy. Compliance with these rules is not necessarily enough to join the white list: EYEO demand for large advertising publishers to pay “technical fees” before releasing their advertisements. The amounts, kept secret, could “reach 30% of revenue from advertising,” according to the Financial Times, echoed by Business Insider. . A real racket as publishers

AdBlock sold

In response to these criticisms, and the multiplication of trials – she always earned – EYEO said Wednesday it had set up an independent commission to decide advertisements that appear on the white list. It would be composed of representatives from the world of advertising, media and Internet users, according to a spokesman for the company quoted by the Guardian, and should be implemented in the first half of 2016.

it is this ad that would have decided the founder of AdBlock to join the program acceptable Advertisements, as he says in his message:

“I did not like the fact that they control the program because they were financially supported by advertisers participating. Now, AdBlock Plus will transfer responsibility Advertisements acceptable to a group of impartial experts. I like this idea. “

At the very end of this message, Michael Gundlach also announces, very discreetly, having sold AdBlock. It does not specify the identity of the buyer, he simply “active Advertisements acceptable” and that “the general manager who worked with me for years continue to work with the new society”

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