Access your Plex library from a Raspberry Pi with RasPlex [Full Guide]


I will not present yet again you can find a description on many blogs and on the publisher’s website . The basic principle and it indexes all you can download movies or series like to offer you on your mobile and SmartTV through a very friendly interface. It’s free but there are paid services like the download to your terminals to better watch your content in offline mode (to mention only example). In short, excellent service. 😉

Step 1 – Preparation and equipment

For this to work, you need a NAS storage location, dedicated server, virtual machine … where you have your movies and series. Then, you need the server component on which the Plex server is installed . It is this component that will be sent (streaming) to your terminals video files following the same mode as Netflix (to some extent).

The installation of the server portion is therefore an obvious prerequisite to the steps that I will describe below . The goal here is using a Raspberry Pi that can be connected to a TV (or other) non-Smart (that is to say, it can not dispose of ‘Plex application) to broadcast the entire contents of your Plex catalog on your television! 🙂

To do this, obtain the following:

Each time, I’ve put one link to an article Amazon among the cheapest possible but feel free to adapt your choice depending on the desired configuration for your Raspberry Pi If you wish, you can also find on Amazon excellent complete packages for less than 65 euros . here or there .

Finally, I also recommend to invest in a scoring system . Indeed, if your Raspberry is used on a TV – you can certainly use a standard USB keyboard, but it takes a little space and it is not necessarily practical. I had the opportunity to test several remote controls that capture and move in a GUI but also to key in when necessary. To do this, I recommend this excellent keyboard (for my part, I have already two of the same type) .


If you have all the equipment then we can proceed with the installation. 🙂

Step 2 – Installation of Rasplex

Connect the board Micro-SD to your PC (or Mac)

Go on. website Rasplex and download the installer:


Exécutez-le with rights d’administrateur.


Sélectionnez Raspberry Pi 2 (even if you use a Rpi 3). Select from the dropdown menu in the latest version of Rasplex . Depending on the quality of your Internet connection, the download will take more or less time.


dropdown menu of step 3 select your Micro SD card (do not fool you because this action will format the drive) .


Click Write SD card when ready

Step 3 -. Setting Rasplex

when it’s good, insert the Micro SD card into the Raspberry Pi, connect to a TV or computer screen and plug!


It’ll be more that ‘in you identify with your account and answer a few questions including the cache, etc. If you opted for the Wired , you are already connected to the network and your content is already available.


If you chose Wi-Fi option , then you will first set up the connection by specifying the SSID and password to access your Internet Box (do not forget to connect the dongle WiFi in the Raspberry Pi if necessary) .


when it’s good, you can then access your all your contenu.



Selon your expectations, please take a look of œils on Settings and Preferences to define, for example:

  • Name your Raspberry Pi over the network,

  • the user interface skin,

  • the keyboard layout (QWERTY or autre).


Vous now have access via your Raspberry Pi to your entire video library! 🙂

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