A pocket for your iPad? Reply iPad Case! [Full Guide]

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iPad Case

You have just purchased your iPad , shiny new and you are now wondering what to buy to protect it while enjoying maximum comfort in use and transport? I tested four different covers of simple protective cover to the box in the format “book” …

After all these tests, I did not find shoe to my foot. All these kits allow me of course to carry my iPad and properly protected. But …

After a while of use, it occurred to me that the comfort level of the keystroke was pretty rough and uncomfortable when the iPad was laid flat. If you get into writing an email or an exciting game, you’ll find quickly that you always looking for a way to increase your iPad. And this is where the pouch made in Apple makes sense !

iPad Case

A point therefore on the iPad Case

The insertion is very easy and everything is well thought Apple as always we [ou presque] accustomed. However, note that if the insertion of the tablet in this package will be easy; remove the device will be more complicated and I highly recommend doing it calmly to not tear the cover. Indeed, the latter is reinforced on the front and back but the contours seem to me more flexible and more fragile.

Also note that once your iPad in his pocket, it will be impossible to put your iPad on Dock (if you bought) without removing it first from its pouch. So if the Dock account for you, remember this pochette.

iPad Case

Boutons latéraux

Au level of user comfort

This package will allow you to tilt your iPad when you use it. This is in my opinion, the essential point of this bag. Because although it is solid and resistance other cheaper kits give you the same protection; but not user comfort!

In addition to the inclined position , this package supports two types of positioning that are “ photo frame ” and “ upright style “. The latter having less interest from my point of view.

iPad Case incliné

Position inclinée

Position en mode

Position in “photo frame” method

The design of this bag is obviously treated like most Apple products. However, it easily takes the dust is completely waterproof but which will allow you to clean it easily. You will ensure not just sprinkle your iPad 😀 !

iPad Logo Apple


Au Ultimately, this cover is in my opinion the best choice to combine excellent protection and an especially comfortable handling through different positions it can take. Of course, comfort at a price and it will cost you 39 € on Apple store .

iPad Case de Dos

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