6 Google Chrome Extensions for your WordPress

Did you know that Google Chrome is the most used web browser in the world ? And yes, no less!

“Why? “. The answers to this question are numerous … Needless to say the impact of compatibility with the famous search engine Google! However, we must admit that the multinational has the means to make other browsers explorers “has been”! Faster, dynamic and sleek, Chrome also offers a non-negligible number of extensions for WordPress

Reminder for novices: an extension, also called plugin is a module allows you to add features to a program (such as Chrome, for example); features become essential for most users; the goal is always the same: to develop its software. The extensions, including those designed for Chrome, are known to greatly facilitate the lives of followers to the point of becoming almost indispensable!

Want to improve your WordPress user experience in your turn? That’s good ! Here are some Google Chrome extensions nice for your WP site . Go!


It may be that you have multiple WordPress sites. If this is the case, you often have dreamed of managing all at once (there are also WordPress plugins dedicated cf: ManageWP ) … if we told you that it is possible thing ! Yes, thanks to the Site Manager extension.

Although this plugin starts dating, it absolutely will not disqualify its effectiveness! You are free to move between different interfaces of your sites. Site Manager also gives you the ability to access quickly to all categories. Another highlight of Site Manager: the user can add and manage as well as many WP he wants. Practice!

wordpress site manager

Those of you who do not trust their internet connection will be literally love this extension. You are at work on your WordPress site. This is besides several hours you tweak it. Suddenly, a power cut / your box plant / rabbit devours power cables … Typical scenarios are many! Anyway, the result is the same … You find yourself disconnected from the internet, and may therefore lose some of your work and / or more to continue what you were trying to do.

This is where the plugin Wp Write just save the day. With the latter, it gave you the opportunity to work on your WP offline. The internet is no longer a hindrance to the progress of your projects!

wp write

Which of us never fell on a Site wondering what was behind CMS? If you study the competition, not easy to tell if the site you are on is still in business! With the Check Version of WordPress, these questions will not be left hanging! And more!

This more practical plugin provides information about the site you’re visiting. It lets you know if you browse a WP. If this is the case, the plugin will tell you the version used. “But how is it useful to know the WP version of a site? “. This data is more valuable than you can imagine. In fact, it lets you know how often the site is updated. If the manipulation was done long before, you can easily assume that the site is no longer active. And a competitor less!

version check for WordPress

For those of you for whom the CSS changes are not their cup of tea, remember that Google has developed a plugin allowing you to accelerate basic manipulations, such as copy / paste into style sheets … We explain.

Google Chrome offers several powerful development tools to customize your theme. However, once written and tested CSS, you should add it manually to your stylesheet … Not very practical, you will agree! But that was before ! Car Style Editor directly records the changes and adds them to your Stylesheet!

WordPress Style Editor

In full test on your WP, you notice that the admin bar blocks access to important components. Therefore impossible for you to use. Google Chrome has found the trick. WordPress Admin Bar allows you to remove it at your leisure. No need to incessant previews or open an incognito page to view or change what you are interested.

To do this, simply click on the small icon that will appear at the top right on your desktop once the plugin performed.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Did you know that Chrome lets you design your own WordPress theme? With Cloudpress “sky is the limit” as the Americans would say! “It’s fine, but other extensions of this type already exist! “. Yes, it’s true. However, Cloudpress is known for offering a great range of possibilities.

Furthermore, note that the extension is renowned for its ergonomics and functionality (good visual editor, SEO plugins, analytics and other essential already integrated backup and synchronization of the site …).


that this small selection of Google Chrome extensions for WordPress is complete!

He’ll just try them and adopt your favorite;)

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