5 Tips for Providing In-App Support for Your Business’s Apps [Quick Guide]

Businesses are looking for new, exciting ways to engage customers. While a well-designed website can provide basic information to customers, loyal buyers need something more powerful. Through an app, customers can use their mobile devices to shop, place orders, or get information they need on a regular basis.

But when a customer has issues within the app, too many businesses require that they exit to get assistance. Whether they have to place a phone call, email, or use a ticketing system on your website, leaving the app creates an inconvenience for customers. Fortunately, technology makes it easy to give customers the help they need. Here are a few tips for ensuring you have the infrastructure in place to support your mobile app users.

Collect Feedback

Feedback is the best tool you have to learn how your app is working. From the day your app launches, incorporate a tool that makes it easy for customers to review their experience. An SDK will allow you to incorporate feedback collection into your app, making it more likely customers will give you valuable information you can use to make your software better for the users who interact with it each day.

Multi-Channel Support

The best thing you can offer your customers is options. Directly within the mobile app, give customers the option to email, call, place a ticket, or deploy a request through social media. The right suite of tools can make it easy to incorporate these features into your app. You can also use these features to improve efficiency across the teams you have providing customer support, making it easier to give great service. With customers using so many different methods to get help, it’s important to ensure you’ve covered every channel possible to avoid losing customers to competitors.

Self-Support Tools

Even with multiple support options, some customers still prefer to get information on their own. They may need support on a weekend when your business only provides help during business hours. Or they may prefer to search themselves for answers before reaching out. Providing self-service tools within your app can be tricky, since customers will often be accessing the information on small smartphone screens, but there are tools that can make it easy.

Be Proactive

In a brick-and-mortar location, sales clerks can see that a customer needs help and approach. Technology-based interactions don’t allow this type of visibility, but that’s gradually changing. In-app chat brings live support to your software, launching an invitation to chat each time a customer opens it. This type of support works best for apps where customers are likely to need help, such as a shopping or informational tool. If your app is an interactive game, you may find your proactive support disrupts the customer experience.

Helpful Representatives

Even with all of the tech resources available, your support will fall short without the right people on staff to help your customers. Start by hiring the right people and nurturing your call center staff to keep workplace morale high. Measure and track your teams using a dashboard service that clearly shows which team members perform well and which may need additional guidance or training. The best part of a dashboard is that your team can view its own metrics, which will give members incentive to work hard throughout the day.

In-app support is a great way to show customers your company cares. Not only will it allow you to provide one-on-one assistance, but you’ll also be able to use the feedback to improve your app and your business as a whole. It’s important to shop around to find the best tools to work within your own existing business environment, including your app’s platform and the resources you have in place to answer support calls.

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