10 WooCommerce extensions to discover

WooCommerce is THE WordPress e-commerce plugin which combines the strengths. It allows to easily turn a blog into a commercial site, offering a feature set worthy of CMS e-commerce the most famous. Directly integrated with WordPress, it does not require any technical knowledge to be deployed: a good place for beginners who wish to engage in online trading. In addition, it is free: the return on investment of your e-store will not therefore be expected

The functionality of WooCommerce are sufficiently dense to develop a commercial offering art technology.. They include creating sheets , the different payment solutions, management of discounts and promotions coupons, the order tracking by sending automated messages, of detailed statistics and more.

But if you want to switch to a higher gear and optimize your shop with WooCommerce , you must install additional extensions which will allow you to boost your sales, offer value added services to your customers or increase your Internet visibility.

Discover 10 useful extensions to multiply efficiency your WooCommerce.

Woocommerce plugin gratuit

1. Put your products value using Variation Swatches and Photos

The product images have a certain influence on the sales of your online store site. If your articles are mostly available in different sizes or colors, extension Swatches and Photos will be of great use. This plugin allows to present multiple product variations within a single plug to allow the user to easily view the various reports before making his choice

Another significant advantage. Swatches and Photos you avoid creating multiple identical product sheets and therefore limit duplicate content might cause SEO penalty.

Variation Swatches and Photos

2 . Compare Products Pro : offer a true comparison tool to your visitors

More and more users use the Internet to take the time to compare products before throwing their sights on a of them. If you offer technical products such as household appliances and computer accessories, it will be wise to install the extension Compare Products Pro .

This ingenious system will allow your visitors to record and compare multiple products based on their characteristics, their price and appearance.

Compare Products with WooCommerce

3. Boost your ROI with Table Rate Shipping

You sell your products internationally? Poor management of shipping costs can significantly impact your profitability. To save time, set Table Rate Shipping . This convenient extension will allow you to apply the most appropriate shipping by geographical area of ​​your destination, the estimated weight of the package and the chosen sending options.

The information stored in Table Rate Shipping is automatically updated.

WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by Mangohour

4. Improve your product pages? This is possible with Extra Product Options

The more a product is exhaustive, more likely it is to meet the expectations of your prospects and turn them into customers. But it is not always easy to prioritize and choose what information to put forward when proposing or heterogeneous products.

With Extra Product Options , you can adjust your textual content depending on the type of items you sell. You can offer options specific to a specific product, such as a choice of finish or the addition of an etching, for example.

Woo Extra Product Options

5. Viral Coupon : win-win social tool

Today, it is difficult or impossible for e-retailers to ignore social media. With Viral Coupon , the buzz has never been so easy! Through this innovative plugin you offer your visitors to your promotion on social media in exchange for discount coupons

Everybody wins. Your customers will be satisfied and you will get more mentions “like” or tweets that will boost your visibility and notoriety.


6. Force Sells or how to take advantage of cross selling?

The cross selling is a technique essential marketing on the web, which is to offer similar or complementary products to its customers to increase their average basket. Cross selling can also increase the visibility of certain products.

By installing Force Sells , you can easily automate your cross selling strategy by linking your references to each other.


7. An optimal management of stocks with Bull Stock Management

Inventory management is crucial in e-commerce. Bull Stock Management offers optimal visibility on the status of your stock. So you can check at a glance the number of items and their variants available to stock up accordingly or pause your depleted product sheets.


8. Dynamic Pricing & Discounts to easily introduce tiered prices

Practicing volume discounts depending on the quantity ordered is a great way to attract more customers and increase its volume sales. But such a feature can quickly lead to a significant waste of time. Instead of making yourself complicated calculations, let Dynamic Pricing & Discounts take charge for you.

This plugin will help you manage your efforts without pricing.


9. A finally accessible CRM tool: Customer Relationship Manager

a CRM tool to manage your customer base, you dream in? With Customer Relationship Manager for WooCommerce , you will enjoy all the features of an advanced CRM interface from your WordPress: creating dedicated customer records based on historical, tracking mails and reminders, monitoring phone calls , status management, data export in cSV …


10. Build customer loyalty by using Woo Chimp Newsletter

What would an e-commerce site without a dedicated newsletter? This mode of communication is probably one of the best ways to reach your target. You can put your current offers, your new products or simply remember the good memories of your customers. You lack time and resources to create an attractive newsletter?

Woo Chimp Newsletter is the WordPress plugin you. Fully compatible with WooCommerce and fully configurable, this extension allows to offer your customers to sign up for your newsletters (MailChimp or Campaign Monitor) and thus boost sales.

newsletter-subscription woo

This is over, I hope these extensions will help you improve your use of WooCommerce but mostly they will help you boost your sales;)

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