10 plugins for your WordPress Coming Soon

Page in maintenance, construction site … Any web professional who respects regularly reworked its site. However, the development of new digital aspects often takes time. In addition to the inevitable loss of visitors, an inaccessible website may lead the user to believe that the platform does not exist

An efficient and reputable way to solve these problems. The plugins “ Coming Soon .” For those of you for whom the previous term is vague, know that an extension “Coming Soon” displays a message to the visitor that the page and / or the site on which it is located is in development or redesign.

However, all plugins are not equal. That’s why I wanted to make a point on the subject. ? Which extension Coming Soon to choose his WordPress This is what we’ll see here

coming soon wordpress

. 1 – Coming Soon Page & Maintenance mode

This plugin allows you to create pages “Coming Soon” simple and fast. With this extension, inform your visitors work in progress while you make the changes. In addition to being available in free version, this plugin provides many benefits.

Operating with all WordPress themes, transform CSS and HTML code on your own. Nothing beats a page “Coming Soon” personalized. You will agree! This extension, already resulted in a host of languages, also provides a responsive display quality.


2 – Easy Coming Soon

with free plugin Easy Coming Soon, set up your personalized page in a jiffy. This extension is suitable for all WordPress sites. Easy to install, simply to give your page a title and associate a prior description to continue your work with confidence.

Also note that this plugin comes with Google Analytics Tracking, a tool to collect the URL of the visitors. ? Not bad, not


3 – Ultimate Landing page and coming soon page

This free plugin is extremely convenient for those of you who coding is not their cup of tea. 5 short minutes suffice to establish the Coming Soon page that will host your visitors. This extension also gives you the opportunity to collect their mail.

At presentation, choose a background color or image, select a font, personalize the Headline, add a description to your image, and the tower is played


4 – Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

hard to be disappointed with the features offered by this free plugin. Indeed, in addition to being fully responsive and adapt to all WordPress websites, this extension is optimized SEO.

Highly customizable, you can also define the meta description and keywords . You can also personify the logo and control access to your site through the IP address.


5 – Site Offline gold Coming Soon

Original and practical, free extension Site Offline gold Coming Soon is ideal for those of you looking a tool that can activate and / or deactivate the “off-line” mode of their site with one click. At work, select the “offline” mode to display a message “Coming Soon” and then disable it once your done task. Visitors will thus regain access to your site

Other highlights of this plugin. You can perform work as well on the back end than the front end whenever you want. You will also have the ability to customize to the message of your visitors


. 6 – Coming Soon CC

This is another plugin, highly customizable, especially for professionals. Ergonomic, simple and easy to use, this extension fits all WordPress themes. No HTML knowledge is required to use it.

Note that Google Fonts is included in this plugin. The user will also have the opportunity to visit your social networks thanks to the icons that automatically find your Coming Soon page. Finally, happy Coming Soon CC owners will have access to specific SEO options


. 7 – Easy Maintenance mode

Free and suitable for all WordPress themes, Easy Maintenance mode allows you to create a page “in maintenance” or “coming soon” in two three movements. To do this, customize your page, give it a title, add a description … And it is done! Not sure of the result? No problem. Click “preview” to take a look at your page before putting it online.

Note that this plugin responsive equip your “coming soon” icons of the most used social networks, allowing your visitors to be redirected to your pages


. 8 – WooCommerce Coming Soon

This free plugin is for those of you who would work on site WooCommerce . Whatever the reason for the maintenance mode, adjust the message to your customers.

The extension WooCommerce Coming Soon also gives you the ability to display on the screen of your products as well as its price. What better way to whet the mouth of your visitors


9 – Verde – Responsive WordPress Coming Soon

This premium plugin (and thus paid) will appeal to those of you looking for a modern design. In addition to displaying a countdown, the owner of this extension will add to its page of Youtube videos and / or Vimeo, integrate a registration form, customize your text using five different effects available … Nice , right?

Its price? $ 17 or 15 euros


. 10 – Coming Soon Countdown Responsive WordPress

Coming Soon Countdown Responsive WordPress Plugin
this is with another premium product we end this little guide of the best plugins Coming Soon. You are invited to customize your page properly. Choose from 10 backgrounds, 2 types of countdown, 10 overlay effects … It remains for you to discover the

Its price: 15 EUR



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