Windows10 introduction of 10 of the advantages and disadvantages of upgrading (demerit ed.)

were introduced about the benefits set forth in the preceding paragraph In Windows10 upgrade. Then I would like to introduce the part of the disadvantages.

Windows10 upgrade of demerit

1.DVD can not play

Windows DVD プレイヤー

Windows DVD player

to Windows10, in the standard of the state it does not come with a DVD playback function.

In Windows7, it had been able to play a normal video if inserted into the drive the DVD disc thanks to the Windows Media Center with DVD video playback function.

, however, will be deleted this Windows Media Center When you upgrade to Windows10.

of course, does not mean that has become a specification that does not look at the DVD, Windows10, you will be able to play a DVD by using the “Windows DVD player” that Microsoft has to offer.

“Windows DVD player” is, you can get if you have upgraded from Windows7 and 8 / 8.1 free of charge at the via Windows Update.

Also, for example, if you have a clean installation of Windows10, if you can not free available, can also be downloaded in the Windows Store for a fee (¥ 1.500).

other to be also able to use the free video playback software, such as “VLC Media Player” and “GOM Player” will be able to play the DVD.

■ Resolution

detailed instructions of how to play comfortably a DVD movie on the upgraded PC Windows10 has been introduced in This page .

2.Windows Media Center can not be used

Windows Media Center(Windows7)

Windows Media Center (Windows7)

was mentioned in the above, but will be in Windows10 is Windows Media Center is no longer available.

If use in DVD playback, if it can support by utilizing alternative methods introduced above, utilizing a commercially available TV tuner utilizing the Windows Media Center feature, the manufacturer if waiting for a workaround, you will need to either Kaikaeru in addition to the same functional products that can be used in Windows10.

If you are using Windows Media Center in the current Windows7 is also the case that it takes time and effort and the extra spending in the upgrade to the Windows10.

3. Sidebar gadgets can not use


sidebar gadget

also it will no longer use sidebar gadgets, such as Windows7 in can be used to have a clock or a weather display.

There is also a free software to make the gadget can be used in Windows10 environment, from that sidebar platform there is a serious vulnerability, Microsoft has already terminated the provision of gadgets .

In addition, because there very well what those that are often used in gadgets such as watches and weather forecast with similar functions to apps and free software that can be used in Windows10, force the gadgets in consideration of the safety I think that it is better not to use to.

4.Windows Photo Viewer can not use


Windows Photo Viewer after setting the selection screen

When you upgrade to Windows10, the image display software has become the software called “Photo”, the standard of the state no longer can use Windows Photo Viewer.

Of course, you can view the image in this photo, so we also attached image editing features such as red-eye correction and contrast, I think that it can be used without any problem once you get used.

Such as

still image feed and enlarged display, you may feel easy to use and prefer the Windows Photo Viewer.

In fact, there is a Windows photo viewer also to Windows10, by adding the change in the registry, you will be able to select as software for image display.

it will be the work necessary to be careful because it is working to modify the registry, but you may want it is often the opportunity to use the Windows Photo Viewer is set to be available.

■ Resolution

detailed instructions on how to be able to use the Windows photo viewer also on the upgraded PC Windows10 has been introduced in This page .

How to utilize the Windows Photo Viewer in Windows10

5. Lock screen is displayed on the front of the sign-in screen

Windows10 ロック画面

Windows10 lock screen


Windows10, it appears a lock screen every time during start-up and wake.

Since in the case of a tablet PC it is possible to prevent malfunction of the in the bag, locks the screen I be a useful feature, to a unnecessary features on a desktop computer, the screen displayed each time click on the Close of feel honestly cumbersome.

■ Resolution

this lock screen, if a version of “Local Group Policy Editor” can be used, such as Windows10 pro, you can hide in the following way.

to open the window “Run” in ① Windows key + R key, enter “gpedit.msc” open “Local Group Policy Editor.”

② “the configuration of the computer” → “Administrative Templates” → “Control Panel” → double-click on the “Do not show the lock screen” in the “personal settings” in item

and select “Enable” in ③ setting screen open click “OK”

This allows you to hide the lock screen.

6.Windows Update can not control

Windows 更新プログラムの設定画面

Windows update program setting screen of

Windows10 does not provide the items to be set for the execution time of the Windows Update in the standard of the state. Therefore, it will not be able to choose when the user is updated as to this.

, but I think that he has become such a specification as a result of taking into account the security aspects, it becomes a considerable hindrance when the Windows Update and the like when you have a rush job would have been executed There is also a possibility, is what troubled.

seems in Microsoft’s description so as not to be performed during the use of a personal computer, but there may also be the case that Windows Update is performed while a break for about 10 minutes.

it’s not much of a problem as long as it is light content, but there will be also a possibility that fell and work efficiency overlaps with large Update. To further is also the case that would restart after the update completion depending on the setting, you must be careful.

for this restart, to open the “updates and security” from the “Settings” screen, select “notification to set the date and time of the re-start” from the setting options in the “Windows Update” you can freely so as not to re-start by.

also, it has become to be able to slightly delay the Windows Update of the update time so long as it is a Windows10 pro.

※ postscript
Even Windows10 by using the Group Policy Editor it is possible to set the Windows Update update timing and the like has become as. The detailed procedure has been introduced in This page .

7. Auto maintenance is carried out without permission


automatic maintenance settings


Windows10, it looks like maintenance automatically every day is executed.

I think that “no matter what is also not’m every day …,” but, although it is specified execution time, has become a specification that can not be stopped the same function itself and Windows Update.

However, since it is possible to stop at the time of execution, in the case of get in the way be suddenly run during the work can be avoided by manually.

If your computer to run the scheduled time is shut down, such as to perform maintenance at the time of the idle state of the next start after, hot determination of the Microsoft side is referred to as “‘ve got to run the automatic maintenance as much as possible” is transmitted It has become a come such a specification.

In addition, after the first of the settings that are specified execution time is in the middle of the night, because they check is placed in the “Allow wake of the computer due to scheduled maintenance”, the personal computer in the middle of the night from the sleep state it has come to freely return.

after you upgrade to Windows10, The first time you encounter this phenomenon was Mashi pretty impatience with the “why to not do anything ?? after returning from sleep” (laughs)

8.Windows10 there is a driver or software that is not compatible with

This is not limited to Windows10, OS but I such that at a time when change occurs occasionally, if the connected device drivers and software is not compatible, you may not be able to use by upgrading to Windows10 .

even in my personal computer, for TV tuner I · O data that was purchased last year is not support Windows10 at this stage, has become a state that can not be currently available.

※ postscript
Corresponding version of the software Windows10 to the site of the I · O data is available and the other day, now available in Windows10 environment.

In this way, if you are connected to equipment in the retrofit is necessary to pay attention to when you upgrade to Windows10.

9. Failure by the device is generated during high-speed start-up

By using the high-speed start-up function, certainly start is to become faster, but it seems there is a case not be able to start up properly, if at the last shutdown and the system configuration is different.

under my environment, the phenomenon that it is not possible to turn on the Wifi laptop has occurred but not specifically change the device.

from the fact that even once did not occur the above phenomenon in the case where the shutdown from the turn off the high-speed start-up function, you can assumed that this high-speed start-up function is affected.

In the case of I, usually we use the sleep, shut down has about 1 to 2 times a week in the refresh purposes. So, it takes a little time you have to cancel the high-speed start-up function.

one day You troubled very suddenly the computer will not be able to start up successfully, by releasing the high-speed start-up function, you can do the traditional restart (so-called cold boot).

By the way, if you choose to restart from the start button, regardless of the setting of the high-speed start-up function, it is a cold boot.

If you are using a high-speed start-up function, it is a good idea to to refresh the personal computer to occasionally restart.

10. The contents of the guidance screen when the file copy Bae inconvenience


copy and paste guide screen of

when you copy and paste a file of the same name, as in the above-mentioned Windows7 screen, if the size than the side file, which is the side of the data to be copy and paste is large or update date and time each when new (large) ( was displayed with the new).

either by this displays the most recent data or is self-explanatory, was able to prevent a failure, such as to overwrite the new file with the old file by mistake.

However, in the Windows10 in the selection screen does not appear only a name and location for the file, it has become a thing unfamiliar.

If you click on

detailed information, but the date and size of both files will be added and displayed in a separate window, it’s important to have time to compare the date and size since there is no guidance of the (large) (new) .

It does not have something that can be changed on your own, but work at the time I thing that may I mean attention to, can not be denied even the possibility of careless mistakes, such as during rush of work.

is where you want to expect an improvement in a future update.

conclusion upgrade Recommended Nanoha

Given the advantages and disadvantages that have been seen so far, what is recommended to upgrade to Windows10 is better, such as the following.

, are currently using the Windows8 and 8.1
– Are using Windows7 of 32bit version
• Do not move in the Windows10 (or some of its potential) do not use the software or device

On the contrary, and in particular those that there are no complaints point to the current situation, such as using the Windows7 of 64bit version, such as anyone who is not interested in the new features that can be used in Windows10, I think that there is no particular need to upgrade .

By the way, once it has been upgraded during the free upgrade period, the personal computer was returned to Windows7 / 8.1, because there is information that can be re-upgrade for free after the end of the period is also free, I think people might want to upgrade in the future It is there once also the hand that you upgrade.

In addition, also in the case of low-cost personal computers, such as netbooks, is it is often better to not force the upgrade.

this laptop that I have to try is, CPU is in the degree of performance that for the time being clear the system requirements of the Celeron U3400 1.07GHz and Windows10, a thing of the specification of the physical memory are then added to 4GB.

in the Windows7 environment, web browsing and e-mail transmission and reception, but was available in particular dissatisfaction without, such as the use of SNS, from the upgrade to Windows10 was out symptoms such as behavior is sometimes slow.

In addition, also take time to start up, to high-speed start-up function slightly more time than when even the Windows7 using had at stake, had also occurred occasionally upset devices, such as WiFi is not available.

By the way, when you turn off the high-speed start-up function, nearly double the time is longer than one minute and 20 seconds and the time of Windows7 to boot, usability became worse.

Since it is

, if you are using a relatively low-performance PC without forcibly upgrade, it would be a good idea to the current state of operation is used as it is if it is comfortable.

Windows7 which has been the subject of this upgrade until January 14, 2020, Windows8.1 is because there is support period until January 10, 2023, the next few years continue to use its current OS can do.

after the support end of the period, but you will need to change the OS from the security aspect, because it is ahead still more than three years, even Windows7, than its time to the performance in the personal computer you are currently using and has a lower OS replacement of the personal computer itself appears to have become necessary.

In this way, not so much need to worry about the support end of the period, you may decide whether you want to upgrade to Windows10.

ASUS Windows10 64bit Office equipped with 10.1 inches notebook PC
Atom Z3795 (quad-core, up to 2.39GHz) memory 4GB

In addition, because it is sold in the 2in1 hybrid PC is 50,000 yen, such as a laptop or above Windows10 moves comfortably in recent years, it is one of the way of that to consider there of purchase.

time of purchase will recommend that you buy a 64bit of OS is equal to or greater than the physical memory 4GB that can operate comfortably.

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