Windows10 How to play comfortably a DVD movie on the upgraded PC

is to Windows10 not prepared is a feature standard to play the DVD. For this reason, it seems many people that the DVD upgrade to Windows10 are in trouble no longer be able to play.

In this study, we would like to introduce how to be able to play DVD in Windows10.

is to Windows10 not come with DVD playback function

Windows Media Center(Windows7)

Windows Media Center (Windows7)

In Windows7, thanks to Windows Media Center has been included, had been able to play a DVD using Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player without having to do anything special.

However, since the Windows8, for the Windows Media Center has become not be included, unless the DVD playback software such as WinDVD has been pre-installed, it is possible to play a DVD in the state of standard I have no .

Similarly, Windows Media Center, even Windows10 has not been included, yet looks like Windows Media Center is also deleted on your polite when you upgrade from Windows7 to Windows10.

Therefore, if you upgrade from Windows7 to Windows10, it has no longer can use that to play a DVD using Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player as before.

to use the Windows DVD Player

Windows DVD プレイヤー

Windows DVD player

as a countermeasure, if you upgrade from Windows7, which are supplied with the Windows Media Center in Windows10 is, DVD playback software called Windows DVD Player has made available free of charge.

will be able to play a DVD movie in that you obtain this Windows DVD Player.

, however, and if you are upgrading from a version of Windows7 and Windows8 that have not been supplied with Windows Media Center, if you have a clean installation of Windows10 is, to obtain the Windows DVD Player is paid (1500 yen ) it will become.

, but this is Windows DVD Player, currently evaluated to see the evaluation and review of the Windows Store is not much please.

to great pains OS was able to upgrade at no charge, and is somehow strange feeling because to obtain the not good software rating for a fee.

Therefore, I would like to introduce the method of introducing a free video playback software.

to use the VLC media player


VLC media player

now, DVD videos There are also a number of free software, of course, can play a variety of file formats of video.

is felt easy to use and try to try some from among them VLC media player .

VLC media player, such as MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, FLV and AVI, is now widely can play most of the video file format that is available, the operation also easy to use in a relatively nimble.

Windows10 correspondence course, corresponds to 32bit / 64bit both versions of all Windows OS, has been used by many people all over the world, such as there is also a Mac OS and Linux version.

There is a GOM Player to those famous as the same high-performance video playback free software and VLC media player.

I also Previously, I was using, ads virus infection problem at the time of the update that occurred be displayed and two years ago (for more information, “GOMPlayer, Monju” search in) anxiety elements, such as there was for, was settled on the final use of the VLC media player try Iroina video playback software.

we use since more than two years, but so far without any particular trouble now, is work and easy to use light. Also on the upgraded PC Windows10 has continued to use to install the VLC media player.

installation procedure of VLC media player


Windows10 will introduce how to install the VLC media player.

① to download the installation file

VLCメディアプレイヤー 公式サイト

VLC media player official website

First, download the installation file from the official site.

free software is recommended that you install from the site, such as reliable or as much as possible the official site for safety reasons.


Download guide screen

official site is in, but the download of the installation files for a version of “download VCL” to click to your PC environment will start automatically, as described above the screen by the browser you are using There is a case where the guide screen is displayed.

Please complete the save work by clicking on the “save the file”.

② to start the installation file


on the installation file icon

The above image is a thing of when you download the installation files to the desktop on your computer of Windows10 64bit version. Installation work when you double-click the icon will start.


language environment of the selection screen

to select the first to the language environment to be used. Click OK to select the “Japanese” (Japanese).


Setup Wizard screen

in the destination of the screen was written in English, which later will be the guide notation in Japanese. Video software can also be used in the Japanese post-installation.


installation option selection screen

In [19459001installationoptionselectionscreenyoucancustomizeunchecktheunnecessaryfunctionsSinceitisnotespeciallytroubleevenwiththedefaultifyoudonotknowwellandclickthe”Next”asitis


destination panel

Destination Location also is usually no problem with the default. Start the installation by clicking the “Install”.

Since the installation guide screen that is complete will be displayed, to complete the installation by clicking “Finish”.

initial setting of ③VLC media player


VLC media player initial startup screen of

When the installation is complete, usually VLC media player and the screen of “Privacy and Network Policy” as the image starts.

privacy to the contents to be worried about would be a good idea to remove the check. In addition, you can also change the setting screen later.


setting screen

in the configuration screen, you can freely customize to suit your usage environment. In the case of playing about the use of video file that is being played and save DVD video, I think that it can be used without any particular problem with the default settings.


or more, you will be able to play comfortably in a free DVD movie even Windows10.

By using this method, such as methods that are introduced in can be changed to the 64bit version , the Windows DVD PlayerDVD to clean installation of Windows10 be paid from the 32bit version for free upgrade of Windows10 you can also build a video playback environment free of charge in the case.

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