Windows10 10 introduction

of the advantages and disadvantages of by the upgrade

free upgrade of Windows10 can be changed from the 32bit version to the 64bit version as introduced in , Ya Windows7 from 32bit version of 8.1 to the 64bit version of the Windows10 it has become to be able to change for free.

Some of those who are using Windows7 or 8.1 currently, pending an automatic upgrade for a variety of reasons such as the corresponding status of the software I think many people that are looking at the situation.

In this study, it was found to try to trial a few months desktop and notebook personal computer two you upgrade to Windows10, introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages.

Windows10 upgrade benefits

to Windows10 is modified points and added functionality from traditional WindowsOS There are several, as are the benefits obtained by the upgrade will include something like the following.

1. It is possible to use the latest OS for free

Although the limited time of one year, this OS upgrade had to pay until this time is a welcome story of that they provided us with free .

It will be said that attractive for new curious person, also anyone who wants to use as long as possible the moment of the personal computer, (until January 14, 2020) Windows7 of the extended support period if you upgrade to Windows10 you can also work around the problem.

Well that time in is likely to suffer from another problem that the poor performance of the personal computer, but ^^;

2. Start button is resurrected to evolve


Windows10 Start screen

Windows7 the start button, which is provided as a matter of course has become not the Windows8, it had become one of the causes that are said to be difficult to use the Windows8.

like the opinion of such a user is reflected, in Windows10 this start button has been restored evolved.

Start menu, it has been designed such as to add a live tile feature of Windows8 in Windows7 of the Start menu. Program of start-up and configuration, in addition to operations such as power-off can be from the start button, you have to be able to display all the time the real-time information by installing the app, such as news and weather.

placement and display size of the tiles have to be able to freely customize, it has become a nice specification, such as just the sum of the nice thing about Windows7 and Windows8.

3. Can use the new browser “Edge”


new browser “Edge”

new browser “Edge” from Windows10 has been added. Compared to the conventional Internet Explorer (IE) In addition to that is a simple design, it is possible to write a note by hand to the Web page “Web Notes feature” has provided.

has Edge becomes the default browser, but to Windows10 is installed by also standard IE so, looks like it is also possible to continue to use the familiar IE.

4. “Cortana (Cortana)” can be used


Windows10 large updates that have been recently published, Cortana (Cortana) is now available in Japanese.

and Cortana, the voice assistant features such as “Siri” in the “Google Now” and the iPhone Android, that talk toward the computer’s microphone, those that can or a chat or listen to the schedule of tomorrow is.

yet not many people who are using this feature around him, but as smartphone or tablet has spread rapidly in the last few years, accuracy and convenience of the function is increasing user if the future further improve, perhaps all it is this voice assistant feature is going to become a thing to be commonplace use.

5. Virtual desktop function is available


virtual desktop

and the virtual desktop feature is that it can be utilized to create multiple desktop screen on a single personal computer.

For example, to open the screen of the word and the browser on the “desktop 1” In the hundred tasks, such as opening a browser or software related to another △△ work in “Desktop 2”, when you want to advance in parallel multiple of work useful feature is when you get the.

it is possible to easily switch between the virtual desktop at any time from the taskbar, you can be open not stack a lot of programs in the environment, for example monitor there is only one.

Of course, desktop 1 and can not be displayed for two at the same time, since you do not display several overlaid multiple programs in one of the screen, “are looking for a program screen other programs screen such as that do not know “where to find and ended up in the bottom of, but it is trivial, you can avoid the daily common waste troublesome.

6. Action Center has been added


Action Center

Action Center is like a notification panel that can be opened from the status bar at the top of the screen of the smartphone, will be displayed on the right side of the screen.

programs and such as history display of various notification information on the security content, are located various settings for the icon of the so-called “quick action”.

In the past various notification that did not leave any history, you’ll be able to see from the history notification to remain in this Action Center.

In addition, from the setting icon of the Action Center screen to confirm or change, such as on-off of the Wi-Fi can now be easy.

Such a feature on smartphones has been utilized as of the obvious, but has been added to finally become a Windows10.

and try to actually use, and that there was no up to now become a much useful features strange feel.

degree of freedom is an increase in the display of 7.Windows Store app


Windows Store app

Windows8 In Store app, which can not be displayed only in full-screen or split-screen is, will be able to display the window in Windows10, it can now be freely displayed on the screen.

Although the Windows7 user is unfamiliar this Store app, sort of like the Android and ios app, be used to download news and weather, a variety of apps such as games from the Windows Store It may be used as they are.

kind of Android and ios still apps compared with the app is like less, because Microsoft is developing a common use of personal computers and tablet, smartphone, such as application as “universal Windows platform (UWP)”, app you can expect to continue to enhance the future.

8. Start-up by a high-speed start-up is faster


Fast startup settings

This is I do not mean that the new features since the function was also to Windows8, will be the new function in the same manner as the Windows Store app from Windows7 users.

To explain the mechanism of the high-speed start-up start-up easily, the most time-consuming to keep the “Survey and load, etc. of the devices that are connected to the system” at the time of shutdown, and use the next time it boots at the time of start-up thing that to shorten the start-up time on.

By using a high-speed start-up function, such as start-up time in the feature off in some cases those that take more than a minute become nearly half, you can feel is quite a speed-up effect.

However, certainly start by utilizing a high-speed start-up function is to become faster, but such problems, such as during the last shutdown and the system configuration can not be different and start normally may occur, so much reputation It is not good.

In this regard, it has been introduced in the section of the disadvantages of Windows10 upgrade.

9. Taskbar and Start button in the sub-screen side in a dual display environment will be equipped with


dual display environment

when connecting a plurality of display, in Windows7 in the sub-screen does not display the taskbar, it was displayed only taskbar in Windows8.


Windows10, looks like the taskbar with the start button on the standard for all displays connected is displayed.

, since you do not program to move the mouse cursor all the way up to the main display when to start, and has become a high change of utility value in use under a dual display environment.

Since recently, it is possible to display the taskbar with the Start button in the sub-display by utilizing the free program even Windows7, I do not may not be that much of the benefits.

strengthening of security by 10.Windows Hello

Windows Hello and is a fingerprint authentication and face convenient biometric authentication function will be able to sign in by authentication. Since recently has been an increasing number of models that have the ability to include fingerprint authentication and face authentication is also a smartphone, should we say that the flow of the times that this feature in Windows is strengthened.

Sanwa fingerprint reader FP-RD2

of course, to take advantage of this feature requires that the device which can be used such as fingerprint authentication and face authentication is attached to the personal computer.

currently is still a personal computer with a biometric authentication function does not have that much popular, in recent years since it has fingerprint authentication device of USB connection types, such as described above have been sold in the order of a few thousand yen, the future biometric authentication equipment is I think I will become as common now as a further inexpensive USB device.

In this way, you will be able to function and benefit from it, such as described above by upgrading to Windows10.

However, it will be the fact that the OS environment change by upgrading, you may disadvantage such as this to become unusable features and tools that were utilized by the individual usage occurs.

On the next page, we will introduce the disadvantages of Windows10 upgrade.

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