Tutorial: How to restore a blocked phone unlock pattern [Full Guide]


You know, security is now one of the key words in the new technologies. These sequences of words and letters that secure our online lives are sometimes complex enough to remember. So we offer a tutorial to restore your phone if your memory has faltered.

You blocked your phone after you forget your unlock pattern or code? Do not worry, Google has implemented several solutions to enable you to reset the lock settings of your smartphone.

Restoration with your Google Account

After several bad tests your androphone should ask you to wait 30 seconds, then it will offer to connect to your Google account to authenticate. Once that’s done, it will be possible to modify the schema or password registered previously.


Resetting the mobile through Android Device Manager

The Android Device Manager is a service developed by Google. He can locate his phone and also to restore remotely. This feature can be very handy in case of theft, but also in the case where the mobile is locked. It will need to be connected to the Google account on the phone and have previously activated the feature on the device. To do this is very simple: go to the Android Settings and Security and enable the following two options: Locate this unit away and Allow lock and delete data .


Then simply visit the site set up by Google accessible this address .


There are three choices available to you. You can ring your mobile, lock it and erase the mobile. It is this last solution which interests us. You will be asked to confirm the deletion of your data. Once done, reboot your mobile is you can again enjoy your smartphone. Note, however, that you will lose all your data: it is a manipulation to be used as a last resort


It is also possible to restore the unlock pattern by some ADB commands performed with the Android SDK. Unfortunately we tested the method on some devices in the drafting and none worked. You can find the procedure in English on the following link .


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