Tutorial: How to reproduce the features of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge on all smartphones [Full Guide]


In addition to their qualities as a smartphone, the outstanding feature of Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge + comes from Samsung features allocated to the edges of the curved display. For those who envy it, we suggest you learn how to enjoy it on any smartphone, regardless of brand.


You are aware that certain variants Samsung’s high-end latest development in sport a curved display. In addition to providing an original design, the curved screen is used to access a finger movement to preferred applications and their favorite contacts. If you have not yet read our review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge +, you can find it at the following address .

Favourite applications

To recover the functionality introduced by Samsung about any smartphone, you can use Glovebox . This application lets you view your favorite icons with a simple swipe of the finger on the edges of the screen. The setup is rather simple and complete, to enable the context menu or on the left / right, either at one of the upper corners. In terms of customization, Glovebox is very comprehensive, with many themes available.


However if you wish to have access to all the features, it is necessary to use the premium version that allows among others direct access to its recent open applications, or to enjoy a floating widget .

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glovebox is free on the Play Store, the premium version is available via an in-app purchase for 2.87 euros.


The favorite contacts

Once again, it is necessary to download a third party application to benefit from this secondary display: Edge Color Notifications. It allows to add exactly the same sidebar on Samsung phones with curved screen.


Its configuration is rather simple. Once the different permissions enabled, simply select the side of the screen where you want to activate the menu. Good point, you can enable the display of call notifications or messages favorite contacts. When receiving a message from one of your favorite contacts, a small colored band will appear on the side of your screen. Unfortunately, the free version is limited and can record two contacts only. It will go through an in-app purchase (1,20 Euro) to overcome this restriction.



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