Tutorial: How to enable face detection on Google Photos [Full Guide]


The hosting service Google Photos offers many interesting innovations. Face detection is one of the novelties. But to remain in European law, Google chose not to enable the feature on the old continent.

Google Photos

The Learning Machine Photos Google is very powerful, it can simply find your photos with a simple keyword. Google teams have also integrated the Face Detection in his system. Unfortunately, the option is not available for European users, and it is necessary to use cunning to unlock functionality in Google Photos. Do not worry, the method is rather simple and only takes a few minutes.

Installing a VPN

to activate the “Face Detection” function, it is necessary to use a VPN to fool Google Photos you’re on American soil. There are different VPN android, we have chosen to use TunnelBear, it is free and offers 500MB connection for registration.


Prepare Google Photos

Once the VPN is installed, you have to go to settings then delete the Google Photos app data before activating the VPN. To do this, go to Settings, then Applications and Google Photos “Delete Data”. Then close completely the Photos application, otherwise activation may be made.

Suppression données

Do not worry, deleting data will not delete your pictures stored on Google Photos. Only the settings of the application will be deleted.

Connect to the VPN

To connect to the VPN, launch the app TunnelBear (it is necessary to register the first launch) and select the United States as the connection country. To ensure proper connection, go to the notification bar: the application notifies you when the connection is effective



Enable the feature on Google Photos

Fourth and final step of our tutorial now up to the activation of the feature on Google Photos. To do this, launch the Google Photo application, choose your Google Account. Access your photos, as was the case previously. To turn on face detection, go to the application settings.

Visage Photo

Good news, functionality is also available from the Web version of photographs of hosting service.


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