Tutorial: How to create GIF Android [Full Guide]


They are present everywhere, on social networks, personal websites and even in mailboxes. These GIF, emblematic of a generation of Internet users can be created from a smartphone or tablet Android. Here are a few applications that make your work easier.


The debate over GIF Pronunciation well have been decided by his own creator, which considers that the acronym should sound like a “JIF” aficionados G “hard” as in Graphics Interchange Format will hear not all that way. Still, social media, these small ultra-fun activities are popular, and multiply like hot cakes, expressing in pictures the mood of the sender.

Funny, touching or silly to you to see: our side, we explain how to create your own GIF without having to turn on your computer. For fans of the genre know that it is very easy to go through computer software to create their works; but a smartphone or tablet can quite do the trick.

A little history

What is a GIF? It is primarily an image format accepting 8 bits per pixel, showing little color shades, and for creating such logos moderate weight. His creation all the same in 1987, and its heyday when the joyous disks. Starting in 1989, the precursor of our precious animations are created: they are animated GIFs, with multiple images and, as long as the transition is well executed, can form loops which join is almost undetectable. What to mesmerize many.

Our selection of applications

Photos The easiest

Yes, in case you did not know, Google allows for GIF directly from Google’s photo app .


Just select the pictures you want to animate, and direct you to the Google Photos Wizard will automatically combine them into a GIF you can then save it locally, and of course share.

Exemple de GIF fait avec Google Photo

Example of GIF with Google Photo

However, no settings can be selected by the user, including animation duration. To customize your GIF, it will therefore turn to application slightly more optimized for this purpose.

GifMe! Camera, by the creator of XnView

XnView is a photo editing software dedicated to computers, and whose reputation is second to none. It’s a goal that must GifMe Android app! Camera.

GifMe! - Interface

The mobile application allows to create animated GIF. Once you arrive on the interface, various options are available to you: selecting a video, a group of photos or recording from the application of a short sequence of up to 202 images.

Exemple de GIF avec GifMe!

Example of GIF with GifMe!

Once this is done, a multitude of settings are available as control of frame rate, add text and even filters. The application is also available in paid version, which gets rid of the watermark generated during backup … and of course advertising.




Camera GIF Creator, a simple solution

Very supplied, Camera GIF Creator offers immediately select complete settings, starting with the frame rate, the size of the GIF, the image quality and repetition of GIF (times predefined or infinite repeat).

Camera Gif Creator - Interface

The interest then: the application returns you to your picture applications (if you have one) and lets you choose the one you prefer. For the rest, this is the minimum, since it is not possible to add other elements to the GIF, but all kinds of shares options are available.


Mirror, or the art of transforming its screencasts GIF

Mirror is an application that is both unique and interesting. Known for its ability to achieve the mirroring , which corresponds to the display of the phone screen or tablet on another device, it is also capable of producing GIF animations.

Limited to 15 seconds, the demonstration will be brief. Nevertheless, it’s a breeze. Simply select the GIF mode, then select the desired recording time.

Mirror - Interface

At the end of the capture, Mirror will generate animation and tell you when it will be saved and ready to be shared. The only fault we can blame him is the addition of a rather large watermark that can not make it disappear.


Video2me, the ultimate tool for further

Technically, it is an application dedicated to video editing, but what interests us here is its ability to create GIF. Intuitive and functional, the application asks us Video2me at the opening that we want to do.

Video2me - interface

In its free version, Video2me proposes to convert almost any media GIF. Thus, a video, a group of images or another GIF animations can become and be (re) worked. Indeed, once the conversion carried out, a few control options are available, but it is not that application shines the most. Quick and easy, Video2me worth a visit if you have videos lying around and want to turn them into animated GIFs.


CameraMX, the most advanced application

CameraMX - Interface

You may have heard the name of CameraMX, if you are a lover of Android. It has made about her there is not so long. This application, which was not known if, suddenly jumped into the race to downloads. Although this is a way to replace the default camera of your smartphone, a feature made him a single app.

Exemple de GIF avec CameraMX

Example of GIF with CameraMX

Here, making CameraMX intriguing if is its ability to produce “live pictures” like the iPhone 6 and 6S. When capturing an image, an option to record a few seconds before and after you are given. Most impressive is that we can then export the created video mini is in video format, either in GIF format. In return, no parameters can be manipulated.


Special mention

Boomerang, the “GIF maker” made in Instagram

The purpose of Boomerang is similar to the creation of animated GIFs, so it is really that simple videos that run in a loop, with a maximum duration of 4 seconds . The concept is childish: you take a very quick series of pictures that will later be assembled to form the video


Boomrang - Interface

Although developed by Instagram, the application does not require any particular connection to be used. When the user arrives for the first time on the application, a mini tutorial starts showing its ease of use.

Boomrang - Camera and Share

The name of the application is relevant because the captured images will be read normally from the first to the last, then back in the opposite direction, creating a fluid and quite original animation. Note that three parameters available to you, including a particularly interesting, since it stabilizes the video. The other two relate to the playback speed and deleting images.

Finally, you are not forced to share your masterpiece on Facebook or Instagram. You might as well do it on other platforms such as WhatsApp, which will publish in MP4 format.


Plethora of very different tools

There are a large number of applications to achieve these GIF that animate our conversations, but only a small lot stands out and satisfied that we really want to achieve. While most are available in English, the majority is intuitive and the language barrier only impacts their little use.

Keep in mind to finish it this is just a selection. Feel free to share with us your comments and tips for making applications GIF! To complete this file, here our selection of the best apps on Android photo editing .

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