Tutorial: How not to miss any match of the Rugby World Cup 2015 [Full Guide]


The 2015 Rugby World Cup takes place every game, and it does not pass a single week without that you do not miss a kick, too airhead you are to remember all schedules. So use your smartphone to remember when you reach your couch, and especially your TV!


On September 18, the Rugby World Cup XV 2015 began. Now the group stages are over and France has – unsurprisingly – imposed on almost all his matches except the one against Ireland last week. Now it’s time to move to the knockout stages, this time when every game is important and can not be missed. To be sure not to miss any of the upcoming meetings, there are several solutions.

The official application

The official app of 2015 Rugby World Cup provides one-click access to all information on this major sporting event. Latest news, videos and photos … striking the key is available, but what interests us here is the category “Fixtures & Results”, listing all the latest games, but also those to come. Furthermore, an “Add to Calendar” button to add meetings to their calendar, filtering needed some teams.

Basic, these additions are set to send a notification 15 minutes before the start of the game, which should give you time to grab a bag of chips, a drink, make your last natural needs and jump on your couch for the next 40 minutes (until halftime).



Import .ics file

Those who do not necessarily want to be burdened with an additional application on their smartphone, which can perfectly understand on some devices only have very little memory, it is possible to reach more or less the same result in recovering an ICS file containing all future meetings.

Regarding the event that interests us, Guillaume Maurin published on Google+ a file containing the next appointment of the matches. To add it to your calendar, just download the file and run it from any file browser. Many manufacturers offer home in on their phones, while others can easily find on the Google Play store, as ES Explorer or File Manager . On this one, simply click “Add All” in the upper right after starting ICS file for all events are added to the calendar. A notification will then be sent 30 minutes before each game.


To always display the name of the teams, this calendar is short term, however, and must be refreshed after each round. To avoid this, you can also perform the same operation with calendar available iCalShare , which displays every match in neutral format (with no team name).

An ICS file browser

Finally, for those who do not have to file explorer and who do not wish to download, this manipulation is also feasible for the web version of Google Calendar. To do this, simply go to page in question from a computer. On the left, click the arrow next to “Other Calendars” and click “Add by URL”.


Enter the URL of ICS file Guillaume MAURIN or iCalShare that of , and then click Add. Wait a few minutes (it may take a while), and all events will be synchronized with your smartphones and tablets connected to this Google Account.

Now you have no excuse, except perhaps that of not follow rugby, for not supporting the blue of the XV of France!


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