The (unexpected) end of Google My Tracks and possible alternatives [Exclusive Guide]

It rang so in the last few days by all kinds of channels. Google has suddenly and unexpectedly decided to My Tracks set. Just in time for April 30 2016 pulling the plug and My Tracks is history. But well, so you do it with Google precisely when a product is not really rocks, then you throw it too quickly directly into the barrel.

Now you can safely do admirably philosophize about whether My Tracks was now useful or rather useless gimmick, the fact is, there is (still) and it is also used. And users are now potentially facing a problem. However, faced with a problem, which is none at all, really, because the alternatives are too Hauf.

Google My Tracks - Screenshot

principle, this problem is nearly past me anyway. Only uses eg. My brother this app and respectively via Google Plus. Hangouts requests came in what I now could recommend as a solution. What now however exactly qualifies me, here competent (?) To give advice, I can only guess. Maybe it’s my articles various fitness trackers and Export data or Exchanging between the individual trackers that blog are among the most-read articles.

Google My Tracks - Systemmeldung über die Einstellung der App In order to find a viable alternative, one must first know what My Tracks does. Basically, it is nothing, and do the usual suspects, there is a GPS track recorded while collected data such as speed and altitude. From the calorie consumption is then calculated and everything is prepared pretty graphically at the end. As I said, do the usual suspects also, a “coarse” difference there is, however, that the calorie history that later but more.

For the average Joe Trackaufzeichner who drives time shopping by bike, sometimes goes with Pfiffi around the block and even jogs a short round, is probably Runtastic be the method of choice, because here they will be pretty much all sports and transaction types covered. Of course, this scope has the disadvantage that some people feel overwhelmed by the many functions. Moreover, that you will just continue to be lavished on the website with all sorts of offers, but one should buy the paid membership.

WP-AppBox: Runtastic Running & Fitness (Free * , Google Play) →

Nevertheless, it might actually be the first best choice, if only because you can test drive of here. Many are sure to find features that My Tracks no offers and even if you later for another solution opts 1 , one knows better then what skills need to bring this solution.

However, if a bit is “dedicated”, ie mainly recording sporting activities and it is on foot or by bicycle, which could also watch Endomondo. This tracker is equipped compared to Runtastic with far fewer functions – functions here in the sense of possible activities -. But thus much clearer

WP-AppBox: Endomondo – Running & Walking (Free * , Google Play) →

Finally, you can also throw Strava into the race, the then probably likely to be suitable only for those who are mainly traveling by bicycle. And who for some time (even with sporting ambitions) records his tracks here, will the, or even use a solution of its hardware vendor, anyway.

WP-AppBox: Strava Cycling GPS Running & (Free * , Google Play) →

Other solutions without own app

In addition to these solutions there are certainly many more, but these three are the best known. And that should be mentioned here briefly, it is about solutions / apps that record itself. Pure data acquisition and evaluation can still others, but then draw not even on. My clear favorite is example. Garmin Connect .

WP-AppBox: Garmin Connect ™ Mobile (Free, Google Play) →

Garmin has the – for my needs – best portal at the start. However, one needs additional hardware here. Either a Garmin bike computer with Appanbindung, such as. The Edge 510 , or a Garmin SmartWatch, such as. The Fenix ​​3. The latter in turn can be used for all imaginable activities, but is not really inexpensive. The cheapest model is Amazon currently so about 380 euros .

So much for (some) possible alternatives. Basically, I see so Runtastic certainly at the forefront, but whoever wants to have really smart, should think about Garmin Connect, but then also embark on investing here one or two dollars in hardware.

The thing with the calories

And then there’s the matter of the calories. I mentioned already above already, which makes the “calorie history” a difference. Each app calculates calories burned differently, so you will never have two tracker with the same consumption calculation. However, the calorie consumption is indeed more or less an estimate, because there’s a lot more factors fell a role, so captured the Tracker.

Google My Tracks seems to be quite “efficient”, but calculates the calories only from time and distance, while others Tracker incorporate the type of activity. And while then a tracker considers the entire activity, take the next sections therefore to calculate. Even the Google My Tracks user is not used to set the type of activity before, and it should now not be surprised if, for example. Runtastic indicates as up to 100% more consumption in the Gassi round with the dog. The situation may be because the da accidentally “run” type is set to (Standard).

But even with proper type selection, there is no guarantee that this is really true, the calorie display. Here one has probably just also withdraw a little on Erfahrunsgwerte or what is probably easier to get used to the “new calculation with different results”. 😉

adoption of existing data

Finally, it should be an even mentioned. The previously recorded data from Google My Tracks are not lost. They can easily export and then, if you have chosen a new solution, import there again. How to secure its data from Google My Tracks explains Google on the documentation page .

Update 02.02.2016

at Google Plus Ghost Racer was recommended as a very viable alternative . I myself know that at all, but maybe someone may well try:

WP-AppBox: Ghost Racer – GPS Run & Cycle (Free * , Google Play) →


Also mentioned Plus Google Google Fit. This app I’ve seen rather than pure pedometer, which was however hugely inaccurate. Well but has since been screwed powerful it so that actually specifically activities may be recorded. Small drawback here. Only when running and cycling GPS is used for all other activities, the distance is estimated. But who can live with these inaccuracies is expected here actually find a very interesting alternative.

Screenshot: Google Fit Screenshot: Google Fit Screenshot: Google Fit Screenshot: Google Fit

WP-AppBox: Google Fit – Fitness Tracking (Free, Google Play) →

Also from the comments comes the reference to GeoTracker. Also this app was me so far completely new, so I KLANN not say anything further about their functions and / or their reliability and accuracy.

WP-AppBox: Geo Tracker – GPS tracker (Free * , Google Play) →

1 The subsequent exchange of Runtastic to another tracker is not a real problem, even the data can be comfortably “take”. Use can both export all data , so they can be used elsewhere, or you synchronized directly with another tracker.

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