The technique of SEO semantic cocoon

The updates from Google are becoming more frequent to ensure that the most relevant results readers. And to get to position your site you must use more advanced SEO techniques.

In this site we do not speak of Black hat technique that are dangerous for your site and may penalize you. The technique I will introduce today is an advanced white hat technique: The semantic cocoon



What is a semantic cocoon

The technique of semantic cocoon is to create a set of bidders pages a semantic continuity with an important page of your website.

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  • To this cocoon must all these pages are linked with each other and the main page.

  • Your main page will receive several links from other internal pages (as the center of the cocoon) and no external links.

The cocoon structure

To link the pages of the cocoon, use link these pages to form a link wheel. You can see an example of this test page .

really semantic method:
We seek to improve the positioning of a page in a context, a theme or keyword


For use of the cocoon can use this structure:

– main page optimized 100% for a keyword in your theme (level 0)
– Level 1 pages, pages whose subject and keywords are very close, but not quite. Say 75%
. – Level 2 pages, pages whose theme is 50% off of the main page, but 75% of Tier 1 pages

All pages of the cocoon from level 0, 1 and 2 are optimized “on-site”. There is also continuity in the themes addressed in the same pages of the cocoon.

Links in a cocoon

  • must use links to pages of links cocoon N-1 with N pages

  • The number of links is limited , it is useless to create hundreds of links.

  • Do not create a link between the pages of level 2 and level 0 pages

Can we make links between pages of the same level.

Depending on the case, can be linked or not …

If the theme addressed in the two pages of the same level is very close you can link but I prefer to create links only to the upper level (funnel)

In the end, there will be quite a few links and pages: to form the cocoon you need 10 to 15 pages in total (for 3 levels)

How it works

First, it is assumed that all the pages are optimized cocoon. The pages have a TITLE and content related to the theme of the target page (and the main keyword of the target page)

When Google will visit pages on level 2 and follow the links to the level 1 (links without exact anchor of the page) pagerank juice will be transmitted to the last page.

Also as all pages on level 2 pages on level 1 will also direct Google to the main page and also send the upstart concentration of pagerank from level 2 which will accumulate all the energy in a single target page (and only one target keyword)

This is why I avoid linking the pages of the same level with each other, to prevent a loss of power to other pages.

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