The Raspberry Pi Batinator - a very wild project [Exclusive Guide]

A Raspberry Pi Batinator actually sounds pretty menacing. It could also be one of the many great gadgets from the old Batman series. Since there were so things like an anti-shark Bat-Spray, the sharks were selling like mosquitoes. It looks like a Raspberry Pi Batinator from:

Raspberry Pi Batinator (Quelle:

Raspberry Pi Batinator (Source:

The Raspberry Pi Batinator

In principle, the Batinator is a portable camera that takes pictures at night. The construct uses a NOL-camera and an infrared lamp with 48 LEDs. The current (12V battery) had to donate a cordless screwdriver. The camera records 90 images per second at a resolution of 640 × 480 for sale. The 90 frames per second are therefore interesting, because so can realize slow motion. How long does the battery, will not be betrayed.

The developer of the project wanted to film only the bats in his garden. Whoever shots like the BBC expects slightly off the mark. However, here also not several thousand euros are involved in equipment. I find such tinkering really great and I like the result. It looks ghastly, like the bats flying through the image.

By Batinator can also capture lightning.

Also not bad, but to a real camera does not come out of the tiny. Ok, the subsequent images is also of several flashes ready but very easy to tinker with open source software .

Mega Blitz: Mehrere Blitze in einem Bild




In any case, a guide on how you can tinker to Batinator even at Besides Raspberry Pi 2, housing, infrared LED, NOL camera and battery a few Lego bricks are involved.

Lego ist auch involviert (Quelle:

Lego is also involved (Source:

The code is GitHub


The relatively simple code you at GitHub . The project is by the battery of course class. Thus, it can be located almost anywhere. Skillfully used should be so that to make very good close-ups.

Using something like I’m playing well and currently have ever tested how long Raspberry Pi A + on my battery by holding . I also have the same infrared LED light are with me in the drawer. Like the Batinator inventor wrote in his instructions, I can confirm that the IR light works well between two and three meters. The manufacturer is 20 meters and the you can forget having up.

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