The Difference Between Blog and Website [Quick Guide]

When I was a newbie, I was not knowing the difference between blog and website. If you are also not knowing the difference between blog and website then I think you have dropped to the right place.

You always see millions of blogs and websites on the internet but you are not able to identify the difference between blog and website. Don’t worry when I stepped into this line of internet marketing even I was not able to identify the difference between the website and blog. But In this post, I will clearly help you to understand what a blog is and what a website is.

And I exactly know that the first ever question that comes in the mind of any newbie is what is the difference between a website and a blog?

And next Question that comes in mind that how can we earn online using a website or a blog.

So, let’s move to our topic.

What is the Exact Difference between blog and Website?

Many people often get confused when they visit any page that is they are visiting a blog or a website. And try to figure it out and interpret according to their own will. So, let me help you and clarify the difference between a blog and a website.




TheoreticalA Blog can be known as a weblog which is handled by a blogger to make a blog post in it. And a blog can also be called a blog when a blogger makes posts instead of using pages.A website, on the other hand, can be anything. It can be some simple pages created with HTML and CSS.

A website is created with Pages although a blog can be a part of the website but a website can’t be a part of the blog.

CommentingA default commenting system is always available and depends on the owner of the blog to enable or disable comments according to his or her will.A default commenting system may not be available. One has to manually insert it or in some advanced CMS enable the options of commenting in the web pages of the website.
Date and CategoryWhile publishing a post you can add date and category to the Blog post you are going to post. You can also set a particular time for publishing the post.When publishing a page of the website you will not be able to add category and date to it.
Author BioAn author Bio is available at the end of the post.No author Bio is specified.
RSS FeedIt is possible to use RSS feed with Blog.It’s not possible to use RSS feed with web pages.
SEO (search engine Optimization)A blog can help you to get quick rank on Google SERPS. But one has to stay updated with information in the post. Because Google ranks those post which is well written and have the latest information.SEO on the other hand of the website is little different. It is not possible to get quick ranking with the pages.

But Once the page is Rank it can stay on the first page for a longer time as compared to the Blog.

PortfolioNo Portfolio can be created.A portfolio can be created on the Website.
Services/ProductsCan be used to promote services or products.A website can be created to provide services and sell products online.
Tags and Sub-categoriesTags and Sub-categories are also available.No such thing is available.
CMS usedThere many blogging platforms where you can start your blog for free or start a self-hosted Blog. Some of the famous blogging platforms are WordPress and Blogger.It is not important to use a CMS (content management system) for developing a website. But there are many CMS available for developing a website. Some of the famous CMS are Magento, Drupal, Joomla and even it is possible to make a website with WordPress.
ExamplesHere are some websites which are blogs.,,,,, and even I am running a blog named tricky enough where you are reading the difference between blog and website.Here are examples of websites only., Wikipedia,,,,, and

But let me tell you the most important think that all the blogs are a website but the all the website are not a blog. A blog can be a part of the website but a website can never be a part of the blog.

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I would simply say a blog can be called as a website whereas a website can’t be called as a blog.

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