The best tutorials to learn to control Android [Full Guide]


The wealth of the Android universe of connected devices and tablets also their complexity. This is why we regularly offer tutorials and other tips to help control your smartphone, tablet or any other Android device. If you missed, here is an inventory of tutorials not to be missed.

Start on Android

Here you will find the necessary tutorials for users who start on Android. They aim to help you better serve you the basic functionality of your smartphone. Blocking of a call to change ringing … if you just pass on Android, this game is for you.


If you want to install a multimedia center in your computer, controllable through Android, YouTube or control from your smartphone … It’s here!

Customize your phone / tablet’s

Customization is one of the spearheads of Android. See our tutorials to customize your phone with a selection of applications and some tricks.

Going further through the root and ROM

This part is rather aimed at advanced users, or hackers aspirants. There is a selection of what he can do by taking some risks and addressing the root and ROM.

  • Rooter mobile in a wink : You thought the root was something complex? Think again ! With this tutorial, rooter mobile has never been easier.

  • Install Google APPS a ROM : You just change the ROM and Google apps are gone. Find them through this tutorial.

  • Rooter Moto G : The Motorola G is a very good mobile, why not give it a little more freedom in the rootant

  • ?

Everything about your computer

Android does not rhyme with mobile. Indeed, there are some software and features specific to Windows or Mac OS X, although related to the Google operating system.

Set its connected objects

This last part deals with tutorials on connected devices, whether smartwatchs or devices of all kinds.

better understand its smartphone

This part is made to help you use your smartphone through tutorials devoted to a phone or a particular brand. If you just change the portable, follow the guide.


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