Testing the Olloclip, a picture objectives Pack for iPhone

In recent years, my iPhone is gradually replacing my camera and it is not for lack yet to have a Canon 5D Mark II in the face. Why ? Simply because it is compact, always in my pocket and realizes pictures really correct. That’s why when I was asked to test the quality objectives for iPhone, I immediately agreed. I will introduce now the Olloclip objectives.


Olloclip so this is a pack of objectives you’ll be able to come fix your iPhone with a little support. Include a fisheye lens, a wide angle lens, a macro lens and a macro lens x10 x15. Of course, the Olloclip is compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ but also with older iPhone models in a previous version.

It initially starts with a quick tour of the box and frankly, it is very successful. This is typically the packaging which, in store, will make me want to buy the product! It is a good point for the builder but a little less for my little door-monarchy. Upon opening the box, you can directly discover the product and the different uses, it’s nice.



Inside the box, there is therefore the objectives Olloclip 4 in 1, a small protective pouch carried for several media in different colors to hook and a strap to put around the neck Olloclip . It’s really interesting to have as many basic accessories, it’s rare and it deserves to be highlighted. I confess, however, have had a little trouble understanding the usefulness of the strap but hey, it can still be used.


After introducing the product, we will now focus on its use. I will show you as secure, use and above all to show you some photos taken with these goals.


As a reminder, so we have four objectives: two macro lenses, a fisheye lens and a wide angle lens. Macro lenses are directly integrated on the Olloclip support, for use it is necessary to unscrew the other two goals. Then you have the wide-angle lens on the left and the right fisheye lens with small protective covers that go.


Next, it is sufficient to drag the coming Olloclip media right on the top of your phone. It is expected to and Olloclip is wedged itself on the back and front of camera shot at the same time, allowing to easily make selfies, which was not possible before. Fixing the support is pretty good and despite what is said on some forums, it does not scratch at all the iPhone or the camera. No worries!


The handling is easy and it is always possible to access the upper buttons on the screen as the timer or the button to switch between the front and rear camera.

Some pictures

To illustrate this, nothing better than to show you some photos taken with the Olloclip goals in the last weeks. We start with Macro lenses who clearly impressed me. The record is simply amazing and it’s really surprising to be able to carry such pictures simply with a small iPhone.


I could really break me the other day during a trip to a reindeer park, visited the pistils of flowers is really detailed. It must be still a little time to adapt to do well in frame and especially not tremble to have a clear picture.

now becomes angle lens . For once, this is perhaps the most objective purpose and practice to use. Indeed, as you can see on the two pictures below, it allows you to earn several meters without moving, practice in places where you step back.


The sharpness is generally very good in the center but tends to blur slightly on the corners of the photo. I do not know if that’s my focus was not correct but this phenomenon does not happen on all my photos. Maybe a little help to make.

Finally, it ends with fisheye lens . Well I tell you frankly, I have never been a fan of this kind of goal on iPhone but also on my SLR when I was able to test one. Although it brings a style to the photo, it makes it difficult workable to me. I know, however, that some truly appreciate this kind of pictures, the objective therefore the job well! It captures an angle very (very) large .


There is still a benefit with this fisheye lens, it helps to have the equivalent of a wide-angle video mode as the image is slightly zoomed in. It’s a little more!


As already passionate about photography at the base, these objectives Olloclip really allowed me to discover new opportunities with my iPhone, it’s cool! After, this product also has a few kinks such as the fact that one is obliged to remove the shell of its iPhone for use objectives. It may seem trivial but in use it can be impractical. Fortunately, there are solutions because I think Olloclip had released a shell for the iPhone 5s to correct this problem. So I am hopeful that side!

To achieve these objectives, costs around 80 euros in Access & Go . You can also find them in stores in an Apple Premium Reseller for example! You have a question ? Feel free to ask me in the comments below.

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