Telekom "navigation aid" and Lync 2013: application takes a long [Exclusive Guide]

There has accumulated some to also once again to feed the item entitled “Windows Server”, particularly in relation to Lync

to start a determination that I just made. As a new customer of Telekom I have learned to love the “navigation aid” of the DNS (…). The navigation aid of the DNS Telekom guides me to a kind of search engine on, if a name can not be resolved. The result is that my Lync client by external “lyncdiscoverinternal.domain.tld” the entry place, although he should not:

Lync Client: Navigationshilfe Telekom

Lync client: navigation aid Telekom

Until my client now realize that I do not sit internally in fact, for a while will pass.

Untested idea: Creating an entry “lyncdiscoverinternal” in your external DNS and point to an IP, the port 443 and port 80 “rejected”, not “dropped”. Otherwise, we would wait for a timeout – also not nice
Will: Stop the navigation aid.. This is very simple on this page .

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