Syncing Error Comes in Android Mobile Phone How to Fix [Quick Guide]

How to Solve Syncing Error Problem mobileslatestWhen you sync your Google services, sync error occurs on your mobile phone. It put impact on the Google services like calendar, contacts, email, etc. Every time when you tap on the sync now you will see an error and it will say you to try again. Go to your device’s setting. Select the account option and select Google account on it and also tap on that account which you want to sync. Select the more option and then select the sync now option. When you done this it always show you the syncing error then try these steps to solve this problem.

Easy Way to Solve the Syncing Error in Android Phone

Step 1. First note that the auto-sync of your phone is turned on or not. If you want to sync your automatically then always turn on the auto-sync. But to do so make sure you have unlimited data plan.

Step 2. Also remember that your internet connection is turned on.

Step 3. See that the problem is in your device or on account. Sign in to your account in another device. If you can sign in on your account then the problem is in your device but if you can’t sign in on your account then the problem is in your account.

Step 4. Check your phone’s update once. For this-

  • Go to the phone’s setting.

  • Scroll down and tap on the “About phone” option.

  • Select the “System update”.

  • Select the “Check for update option”.

If your system is available for update the select the install option and restart the phone. if your system is not available for update then it will show you on the screen “Your system is up to date”.

Step 5. Once turn off the internet data and switch off the phone. Then turn on the phone and turn on the internet connection.

Step 6. If this is not working then-

  • Go to the phone’s setting.

  • Tap on the General.

  • Select Google under the account.

  • Tap on the Menu button.

  • Tap on the remove account.

  • Select the OK.

Step 7. Remove the account one by one. Then go to the App manager and clean the data or cache of all the apps which are related to the Email/calendar/contacts. Restart the phone and go to the sync setting and make new account.

You can solve the syncing error problem with these methods.

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