Several Fitness Tracker together synchronize [Exclusive Guide]

Yesterday I have shortly indicated I’m looking currently for solutions with which one example. Of Runtastic can switch to another health service. Basically bothers me namely Runtastic catastrophic unusable website and the fact that you will always and constantly force me there a premium membership and be ready no community features in the app.

This is why I Strava times viewed more closely my competitors Endomondo and. As far as I can already tell, I probably will not change, because Endomondo and Strava are not oviparous Jack of all trades and for my very specific needs Runtastic has continued in the lead. For this purpose, but a little more elsewhere. First, it is only once the issue of synchronization treated.

Even I had yesterday already indicated, there is quite a convenient way the data between the individual trackers back and forth to shovel. And this opportunity comes in the form of an Android app: SyncMyTracks. This app makes it possible to keep the essential data / activities between various service synchronously, as there would be:

  • adidas miCoach

  • Endomondo

  • Garmin Connect

  • MapMyFitness

  • Nike + Running

  • Polar Flow

  • Ride with GPS

  • RunKeeper

  • Runtastic

  • Sports Tracker

  • Strava

A little more I have been doing just Endomondo and Strava illuminated. Important, however, is all one thing. If you an OpenID login, for example, used on Google+ or Facebook, you have to sign up for his account in addition a username / password combination set, otherwise the app will not work


Everything else is relatively easy. the various accounts Man establishes itself and not later than the second does one determine in which directions SyncMyTracks should work. So you can eg. Also can only work in one direction or even in both. Why? Quite simply. One uses Runtastic example for all brisk activities such as cycling and running, so this data does lie there. If we now move and read after the GPS towards Garmin Connect, so you have one here and the other there. SyncMyTracks takes care of the rest.

but you Utilizes only one device is sufficient quasi the transmission in one direction. And that I have tested. I had, at the first attempt with SyncMyTracks the feeling that something is wrong, since the app showed an incredible number of mistakes. So I stopped and tried the way by downloading and uploading. The download I was doing it with the script snippets and the upload was performed manually.

This showed the Strava has the edge, because there can be up to 25 attractions upload simultaneously. In Runtastic several are possible, but the exact number I do not know, however, Endomondo always allows only one file. And since you can not cope with several hundred files a long time. 😯

But this way still is just very expensive, I returned to the app. A renewed attempt with much more patience showed the will eventually transformed into success stories mistakes. Fine. Now I ran everything and at the end were 655 Runtastic activities 509 at Strava (with most of stayed anyway by manually uploads already available) and 299 with Endomondo.

Unfortunately settled at Endomondo find any information on whether the uploads are limited in some way. Maybe some are just too old. With absolute certainty I can not say that, but the most recent activities are at least available and that should be quite sufficient for a mere parade. New activities are in fact transmitted reliably.

Diensteauswahl aktive Accounts Im- und Export Einstellungen

In addition to automatic synchronization, for which you can specify intervals of 1, 2, 4, 8 and 24 hours, can be targeted shoveling the data from one to another service with an import and export function.

The app currently costs € 2.50, but this is not really expensive for the workload that you have it. In various actions of Amazon and Google Play is not yet come across me, so it therefore should not bring much, here to wait for a bargain.

The app could not be found in the App Store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Store Open → Google Search

There is also a free version, which allows, however, only the import and export, so no synchronization is doing and the export is limited to the last 40 activities.

The app could not be found in the App Store. 🙁 #wpappbox

Links: → Store Open → Google Search

It is therefore only really useful if you “shortly after launch” with few recorded activities will change providers.

Update 04.16.2015

on Google+ me a web service has been endorsed, the making as SyncmyTracks like. Although there are (so far?) Untertützt not quite so many services, but a very interesting component is. Synchronization with Dropbox.


This is a very nice backup solution, because we always have current GPX or TCX files its activities at hand and can then utilize customized. Who wants to look the matter closer look, the whole thing is called Tapiriik and can be reached via.

Update 03.09.2015

SyncMyTracks’s only available for Android, iOS users can see therefore in the tube. Although Tapiriik is also still present, but not the help, if you want to synchronize the “top dog Runtastic”. Mir is now but a tool ran into, which can take over the synchronization directly on iOS. RunGap .

I’ll try the days times to find a tester with iOS hardware, which then can also offer the same a few screenshots.

And first feedback has come: It looks like can RunGap although relating the data from a number of services, but not switch between these services and herschaufeln.

Update 04.09.2015

Now it happened in quick succession. After the last update by referring to RunGap me another service the Fitness Tracker was happened, synchronized with each other. It’s called FitnessSyncer and runs like Tapiriik completely via the browser. FitnessSyncer is available only in English, but has for some very funny features that go beyond the normal synchronization.

Clear, the synchronization function is the most important and here all kinds of services are supported. However, this is less about app-based fitness tracker as Runtastic, but mainly to the services for hardware Fitness Tracker such as. the smart vivo Garmin. Therefore FitnessSyncer also places the focus on values ​​such as activity, blood pressure, calorie intake or sleep patterns. A complete overview of this table shows.

Screenshot von Unterstützte Dienste/Tracker

Here FitnessSyncer can a lot more than just the syncing. It has plenty of filtering options, with which you can specify exactly which activities are to be synchronized while. For each (source) service at least one data source is applied so initially. There are also several possible then give each other filters. According to the sources it sets goals. This may be other services, as well as their own mailbox or simply a timer for example. In the shoes after a predetermined running distance a “wear message” outputs.

Screenshot von New Data Source Screenshot von New Destination Task

FitnessSyncer making it a fairly powerful tool, in which one however once must enter Peeve itself. Full free, it is then also not. In the free version only up to 5 tasks can be created, the data in the dashboard are only 6 kept to 8 weeks, and you can do no “historic syncs”, ie already aspirate existing data of the individual services. Properly suited comprising only and therefore only for the “transition” from another on the service, so the only Pro version , the $ 3.99 per month or $ 39.99 a year Beech suggests.

Update 06.10.2015

I almost even embezzled the screenshots for RunGap. Although is already clear that they so hinbekommt no synchronization, but simply combines multiple services under one roof “plow” can, but many a there is indeed may be interested. Here they are , thanks to Lutz S. for the friendly delivery!

Update 07.22.2016

At Garmin Connect future there will be a new API. As a result the need to change the various synchronization service. The most important change is probably that no history can be read out via the new API. So you can continue no longer fully automated from Garmin Connect else move out.

In addition, the talk that no data can be uploaded directly to Garmin Connect. For the new API will then offer the possibility beside pure activity data and body data, so tap off weight and the like, and sleep data. This should then synchronize with pure motion trackers (FitBit etc.) make possible.

Insofar as the present my information once I have more accurate for new Connect API, I will of course report … 🙂

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