See Uses and Features Of MiraVision On Tecno HiOS Devices [Quick Guide]

What’s MiraVision? 

MiraVision is one of the new features embedded on present day Tecno smartphones user interface called HiOS. This new destiny is probably hidden to many users of Tecno smartphones due to the fact some people don’t recognize what it does, for those of you who know about it hope you’re enjoy it.

Consistent with a member at Tecno discussion board, he suggested that Tecno have to alert people approximately the new MiraVision engine so they can be able to personalize their very own picture pleasant properly else it is going to be as if the camera isn’t in an amazing form.

Miravision lets you control or configure your display screen colour & graphics “temperature” if the display shade is strange or no longer to the same old you want.

  To set the screen “Temperature and Ambience”, go to


  Tap on Display & Brightness 🔆

  Select MiraVision which is the last option to choose.

  Then choose the most suitable mode for you.

With that, you may personalize your smartphone graphics or looks to your liking. Take into account that all HiOS users can enjoy this new feature on there smartphones.


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