Runtastic vs. Strava vs. Endomondo [Exclusive Guide]

Following the advice bulk export Runtastic activities and synchronization between different fitness trackers I’m still the already promised declaration guilty why I’ll probably stay with runtastic and what in my eyes and for my own personal use, the essential differences between runtastic Strava and Endomondo are. Here I will not even go into the full functionality of who cares for it, which is lifted significantly better directly from the providers. 😉

For me is fundamentally important to: It has an Android app is available, the route should be recorded clean, a nice voice to me in between whisper important things in his ear, the heart rate should be monitored and evaluated, and in the end I like like a reasonably nice overview of the activity. I also want to assign the activities specific routes (but not necessarily) by here to get a quick comparison with regular training routes.

Runtastic, Strava oder Endomodno - Wer hat die Nase vorn?

The App for Android bring all three and sometime before gray time I took Runtastic because that was the only known Tracker me. It was not long before I bought the Pro version to have in addition to the recording and auto-pause and speech coach here. Namely, this is not included in the free version. And here comes the first real gripe with Runtastic: The app brings a few features that really useful it is only when one lies down € 4.99, which is not really little for an app


Not only that, you will now be on the website (the is as already mentioned a real disaster) also use a few nice features, one must shell out again. This annoyed me and when I someday Google+ things for language brought me Endomondo was initially very highly recommended.

I tried the but only half-heartedly, because even when the app it failed to connect with my heart rate monitor, the matter had died. Within the framework of Winter Cup in MTB News Strava now always came back into focus. The app Strava was the “heart rate monitor Connection Test” on the spot and thus the matter was immediately quite interesting.

I looked Strava therefore a little more closely. Schön are there indeed two things especially: Once you can its training devices, in my case, a mountain and a road bike, define and assign the activities and beyond, you can specify so-called segments. Segments are sections which are then compared with renewed drive on / -Laufen with the other values. Public segments of other athletes are automatically displayed with.

Even when importing data Strava has clearly ahead. While Endomondo only allows the upload of a single GPX file, may be taken up to 25 at Strava. In Runtastic you may also take several, but here I do not know the exact number. But while you can not change at Runtastic directly after uploading only in a very narrow time window, the sport that imports remain at Strava completely for subsequent machining open.

Strava - Aktivität nach dem Import bearbeiten

Well, that is not really the killer argument, because so often you imported so now no recent activities. More important is the everyday utility by app and later evaluation. Endomondo has indeed lost here due to lack of connection to the chest strap in any case, but I have the thing at least online looked at more closely, to be then maybe convinced that it is worth something more persistent with the app to fight.

For comparison, the view on the website I once therefore taken my regular training ride to Potsdam . So The screenshots show all the same tour. Recorded sent with Runtastic and then means GPX upload to Strava and means SyncMyTracks pushed to Endomondo.

Runtastic Strava Endomondo

All in all, you can offer the view of all quite. There are in addition to a map of the key figures of the trainings listed and you can add notes. Schön at Endomondo and Strava is that you can give type a name. Runtastic and Endomondo show furthermore also nice graphs on, show the route profile, speed, time and Herzfrquenz.

And here comes the moment lost in the Strava: The evaluation of the heart rate is a chargeable additional service. And since it also uses nothing Strava provides the only such nice “widgets” for my website:

This is indeed a great gimmick, and in particular for bloggers awesome that report much of their tours, but my priorities lie elsewhere and heart rate analysis is as up there with the. This is simply due to the fact that I already run a so-called “high Pulser” in fairly high revs and therefore train specifically in heart rate zones. And as corresponding evaluations are simply indispensable.

And what can I say, even Endomondo will see additional dollars if you want to get evaluated heart rate zones. For me so so already it is clear at this point, I’ll stay with Runtastic. However, I will not comment a while running synchronization via Syncmytracks, might change falls to sometime my needs, then it is good to already have everything at the start. And just the “Widget” from Strava’s may sometimes quite interesting to use. 🙂

Optically way, I find the analysis in Endomondo the most successful and Strava white with the segments a endgeniales feature to bring to the starting line. Recommendation? Hmm, who reported a lot on the blog on its activities, is to Strava hardly come by, who wants a really easy to use app is probably lifted quite well with Endomondo. In both you have to utilize the heart rate zones halt just something wages. And who does not shrink at least in front of a one-time payment for the pro version of the app that gets at Runtastic probably the best overall package. One must in this case only at Benutzungs the website very tough to take his … 😀

should not entirely unmentioned then be more a function of Runtastic, the community function. Here you can let tracken its activities live. So either everyone or only “friends” live where you see. Just trained and thereby send all sorts of cheers, which are then output directly from the app Simultaneously it is also a major drawback of the app, because to cheer his friends, one must necessarily use the Website. Here it would be very fine, if that were using the app.

And here are the links to the apps, respectively to Google Play and the Apple AppStore.

Runtastic (the free version for all sports, there is as I said also specialized apps and sometimes Pro versions with extended functionality):

WP-AppBox: Runtastic Running & Fitness (Free * , Google Play) →

WP-AppBox: Runtastic running, jogging, fitness, workout and GPS Tracker (Free * , App Store) →


WP-AppBox: Strava Cycling GPS Running & (Free * , Google Play) →

WP-AppBox: Strava Cycling GPS Running & (Free * , App Store) →


WP-AppBox: Endomondo – Running & Walking (Free * , Google Play) →

WP-AppBox: running and walking with Endomondo (Free * , App Store) →

As I understand the current, there is Strava exclusively for Android and iPhone, and Runtastic Endomondo make their apps available for BlackBerry and Windows Phone available. The Pro versions of Runtastic it is worth spending a little patience. These are namely regularly at several options here and can then even be dusted for free for a lower price, or.

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