Raspberry Pi A + on the battery has run more than 30 hours [Exclusive Guide]

Yesterday I was still convinced that the Raspberry Pi A + run any longer would. After about a day of battery still showed over half charge on . Either the display is incorrect, or if the battery (Power Bank) is just a bit weaker. It does not matter, because is important that the power supply overnight stops.

The backup was necessary

Then did not let me my nose down. It was good to leave Write the result in ping-pong fashion, alternately in two files . A file is empty. I can not say exactly what has happened. However, my guess is that a sudden burst of power loss when writing this file led to this result.

Eine Datei ist leer

A file is empty

A defective or empty file is not so wild, because there is still the other. In the stands there exactly what I want to know. The file name is at the top and the result in the file.

Das Ergebnis der Messung

The result of the measurement

austerities we now gray cells read out slightly, then can run for about 30 hours and 20 minutes. That’s fine.

Once I do that, I will test how long the constellation with infected NOL camera running. Furthermore, I want to do some tests with small solar chargers.

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