New app for Harzer Wandernadel

About the Harzer Wandernadel I have already a or two written time and you then can also be mentioned the same, that there is no useful app for Android that lets you manage his punches and make missing stamp points faster identified.

I was then even finished with a table to keep at least the “administrative part” to keep track of completed stamping stations. This is now no longer necessary, because now there is a very official app that (so far?) Is only available for Android. Although it costs 4.99 €, so is not necessarily low in price, but something is always.

Stempelheft für die Harzer Wandernadel

How explained on the website of Harzer Wandernadel , the development will be continued from the previous developer, now only about his employer. This then should also be ensured that the app will update itself regularly.

is beautiful, the display next to the punch bodies and cute display unprecedented goals very current relating to defective stamping stations. So we see then whether one should not first drive another. At least then, if one is necessarily on the stamp, in principle, yes you can also recorded in Stempelkasten number record.

WP-AppBox: Harzer Wandernadel 2016 (4.99 €, Google Play) →

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