Method for automatic continuous play YouTube videos with a simple set


PC when you’re watching a YouTube video, you want to continuously play the video you’re watching [anyonewhohasthought also I think many.

actually just a simple setting, you do not need to press the play button every time now it is possible to automatically and continuously play the video you are currently viewing.

recently we introduce you to the newly added to the YouTube “loop playback function”.

Added “loop playback function” to YouTube

when you learn a foreign language lessons and songs of choreography at YouTube, who also would tend to have the experience of watching the same video many times you press the play button.

Also, will there be those who have to work while playing a song you like as a working BGM.

However, I think I’m quite troublesome I press the play button every time when the (^^;

Therefore, I will use the function of continuous playback videos on automatic, there were up to this, in addition to the method of using the method and the external site to which you want to add a “youtube” to a URL, the recently made by loop playback function has been added to the YouTube .

I think that the advent of considerable useful feature for those who make good use of YouTube.


by simply selecting right-click on the playback screen


Right-click on the video only to select the “loop”

is the setting method of continuous playback, but it is “by right-clicking on the playback screen only to select the” loop “” .

it is OK with just this much of the operation.


loop playback function on the state

if in a state of with a check in the column of the loop as described above image, the video will be automatically continuous playback.

By this method has been added, now may not be one by one put a youtube and a character in the URL field. In addition, we will be able to continuous playback even on youtube videos embedded on other sites, such as blog other than the youtube site.

even YouTube videos that is affixed to the top of this page, may be used as they are continuous playback by selecting the loop in the right click.


If you right-click on the YouTube video in IE11

is the attention point, but this method is not currently available for Internet Explorer.

we can be used without problems in Chrome and Firefox, when you right-click to open the YouTube in IE11, will open the same command as far as the image, the screen to select the loop playback function is displayed not.

I think that would be corresponding future, but when using the loop playback function will no problem if viewing from Chrome and Firefox.

or more, was the introduction to the recently added loop function to YouTube.

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