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This is my latest web project:


The concept is simple, it is a site of “reviews” (opinion) on popular consumer products. I test a product, I tested and I write an article with more details as possible.

Making Money with Amazon website

If you visit, you will notice that there is no advertisement. Well, not yet … in fact, the site is a huge pub. If you click on the links and images in the articles, you will be sent directly to the page of this product on the Amazon site. So if someone orders the product or any other product on Amazon after clicking the link, I make a commission in my account affiliated Amazon.

I intend to put products on KingRating regularly and the goal would be to test all the products myself in a medium-term future. For now, I create most reviews without even touching the product. This is a tactic that works for having tested it before and I learned this from a guy on the web.

If one day traffic increases significantly, I might even add Google Adsense ad and thus increase revenue.

Currently, there are no real organic traffic (search engine) entering this site because it is new. Usually, it takes a good two months of work before seeing the traffic on a website. You just have to persevere and believe in your project to make it work.

An English website

If you have visited the site, you noticed that it is in English. I chose to do it in that language for the simple reason that I designed a group of more users … and most of the time, even the French will research reviews in English when they want to learn about a product.

But I have still done a French Amazon site that still works. Is . CommentBronzer still earns me money today. yet I have written a handful of articles, especially in tanning sunlamps face. I was aiming also the French of France in this website posting links to my affiliate account Amazon France. I received several checks thereafter including a 303.22 Euros which I have just received (15 March 2016). This is evidence that the Amazon sites can bring in money even with a very limited number of items.


I have already experienced this technique a few years ago with some sites . This site speaks only of kites. But it works! I had income from this site … these are not huge income, but for the time I put in the creation, incomes are not inconsequential.

I intend to share with my readers the results that this site will bring. I think the potential is huge, it only remains to persevere and continue to supply it with new items as often as possible.

So when the traffic will start to enter and income, if any, will begin to swell, I will do new articles on the subject to share my results.

Facebook page Rating King

I also created a Facebook page for this site where I can share the articles I write. It is a way to publicize the site and increase its traffic. You should also do this if you ever create your own website. If you feel like it, you can click I like the facebook page of King Rating by clicking here.

I also regularly shares images of the site by pinning them on Pinterest site.

By using social networks, you add paths to your site and this is one way to improve its ranking in Google and increase its visibility.

Why am I sharing this project?

It’s rare that I share a new web project I start because I like to keep my secret stuff. I have several sites that have been a huge success and I now live. I will speak in the articles I’ll write soon. But for now, I share a start up to get feedback from my visitors and also show them what they could do themselves to create webs income.

Thank you, Christian

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