Iplusdata Wants To Collect Users Data And Pay! Scam Or Real? [review] [Quick Guide]

This information goes to webmasters, i just recieved a message from some guys that calls themselves a data agency, iPlusData frankly speaking, i don’t like the concept of their work at all. The company is iPlusData and they claim to pay webmasters only to collect some data from people visiting their websites. the data they are collecting are not disclosed except rather stupid things like google search terms and such nonsense.

As someone that manages a considerable amount of data, am very cautious who gets near to my devices not to talk of letting someone have acess to all the data that i manage, so am placing iPlusData before you guys and want to hear what you have to say about the company.

Is iPlusData scam?

  • Is iPlusData for real or are they just scammers?

  • Do iPlusData pay?

  • what kind of data do they collect and what are these used for excactly? sold?

If you have an answer to any of those questions, pls contribute.

What is iPlusData?
It’s all about Data. We collect billions of data-points from web visitors’ in thousands of web sites, and we crunch the data to understand who those visitors are. We can find what the visitors are interested in, and what you should advertise to these visitors. Advertising to visitors we profile generate up to 400% increase in advertising ROI. It’s all about the data.

here is the message i recieved from them

Hi, My name is **********, and I’m from iPlusData.com.
We are a data collection agency- we let you make money from your site visitors without displaying any ads to them.

When visitors come to your site, we collect information about their interest- and we then use this data to target ads to these visitors when they are away from the site- for example, on google.com, on youtube, or on other top websites. We never show any ads to your visitors, nothing!
We’re very easy to work with- you can either install our simple plugin or place a single javascript line on your site- and that’s it.

Lets start working together!

What’s your review about iplusdata?


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