If You’re Not Doing These 6 Things Your Blog Probably Sucks [Quick Guide]

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Blogging just might be the hardest thing you’ll ever do. There are tons of blueprints available at your disposable but it’s really easy to get confused and just say forget this crap. Being a blogger means late nights and early mornings, but if you work hard it also means free clothes and trips around the world. Here’s six things I’ve learned in the past six years about successful blogging. And I promise you, if you are not doing these things…your blog probably sucks!

Is creating content in your original voice that easy? YES! Remember that your reader is a person. Not some imaginary unicorn baby on the Internet. She (or he) is super smart. They’ve probably been reading the Internet just as long as you have. They might even be fellow writers and bloggers.

The easiest way to create content in your original voice is to have a conversation with your readers. Here’s the perfect post – whatever you have to say, say it bluntly (Ex Headline: Why Some People Will Never Get Out Of Debt), bring in your reader (use phrases like “imagine this” “it’s 1987 and you’re…) and then give your testimony, show lots of emotions and be truthful. My readers know who I am because I tell them. Tip: Use contractions (they’re, don’t, you’ll). Speaking of headlines…

Your headline is the first thing a reader sees. If you haven’t grabbed their attention, oh wells! 80% of people will read your headlines and keep it moving on to the next story. The other 20% will actually read your blog post. And of that 20%, maybe 2% will stay and read more. The only way to get more readers is to convince that 80% that your blog post is worth reading and convince that 20% that there is great content worth clicking around for.

The sole purpose of Google is to find an answer to a problem. Goggle has done such as great job at answering our questions we have forgotten that there are other search engines available for us to use. Sometimes that question is as simple as, “I’m bored and I need to be entertained!” Solve your reader’s problems with either actionable information or amusing entertainment.

Everyone learns and digests information differently. But the majority of the Internet is working with a 9th grade reading comprehension. People are intimidated by paragraphs and paragraphs of information. So break it up and add an image or video to reinforce your words.

Eliminate the fluff, it’s so unnecessary and really makes you sound stupid. (Ex: It’s fun to edit – Editing is fun; It takes time to write – Writing takes time; There are many people who write – Many people write) This is the Internet, make your copy scannable.

I go back and forth with bloggers about this. I believe that the 80/20 rule is ruining new bloggers and their blog. I think that if you are an established blogger you can most certainly write 20% content and promote 80% of the time because the content exists. This is something that I do. But I’ve got SIX years worth a content (four years of really great content).

If you’re just beginning, you will need to build up that content. You will also need to build your voice within your community. This is what being an influencer means. You have to build that trust with you and your readers. You and your blog readers are in a loving committed relationship. Your readers need to know that they are valued. And the only way to show value is by spending time with them giving them great content. Once you’ve consistently been giving them stunning content for at least a year, you can maybe take a break…for an hour or two!

Whether you’ve been blogging for 2 days or 2 years the six tips above are golden in my opinion. Chime in below and let me know what tips you’ve learned along the way!

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