[HowTo] Ubuntu / Mint APK files from the Google Play Store Download [Exclusive Guide]

demletzt I stumbled upon a Instructions , is explained in the how under Ubuntu Linux can easily download APKs from the Google Play Store itself. This guide is not very new, but everywhere quite interesting. And since I did not know them before, I go just assume that have not heard too much of the reader in the blog not. and if they do, then there is even now a little less new. 😉

Why should you download APK files? The reasons are probably as diverse as the Android world, as a rule it should be but the familiar backup. And some people may create a version Archive certain apps, too happy. But what also drives always one (or Ubuntu. Mint) downloading APKs under Linux is very easy.

GooglePlayDownloader 1.8

There are namely Google Play Downloader . This in turn requires Python> = 2.7, why not fix the packet python-ndg-httpclient must be installed under certain circumstances (Ubuntu 4.14 and older) in advance. Then invites you to here , the most recent package of Google Play downloader. Currently, this is the Version 1.8 . If even this is installed, you can start already.

BTW: The here everyone knows how to install a package, I sit now just for granted 😉


Is everything installed, you will find a new entry in the start menu:

Before you go right, but still need some adjustments. First you enter its Google credentials and should also adjust the language most equal. What is important here, if you have reasonably activates the two-factor authentication, you should produce a app password .

GooglePlayDownloader Einstellungsmenü

The real password works well in this case, but it would be an unnecessary risk 1 , the use here, even if it only a AndroidID is generated, so that the download really works. The app password only has the charming advantage that it can be deleted immediately after generating the AndroidID again.

One can, incidentally, also first try with the “default values”, for me it brought but no success.

Is everything set, we can start already. The software itself is self-explanatory, so just search, download or check for already downloaded packages for updates. Where it hooked me, were purchased apps. The did not want to really show. Too bad though, because it is precisely where a backup is quite interesting, but something is always. 😎

1 A real risk is not likely, Google Play Downloader is developed openly and should therefore also be clean, but I am always very cautious which app / software I my ” real “password confide. And so without emergency must not be just if they offer an app password as “disposable keys” here.

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