How to Update Windows 10 Offline

Updating Windows is not difficult, you need to do is menecek update and push the button to make Windows do it. This was all fine but if you are someone who install or re-install Windowsbeberapa times as part of your job or if you have multiple Windows computers, then download all the updates individually not only time consuming and unproductive, but also frustrating.

The good thing is you can download Windows updates to be installed offline as many times as you want. If, if you need, here’s how to download, install, and update Windows offline.

Windows Update 10 Offline

To update an offline Windows Anad need to download all available updates to a location that you can access easily, such as a USB Drive. To do so, we will use a free and portable application called “Portable Update”.

You simply download the application. Once downloaded, extract the zip file and the execution of the application.

Once you open the app, Portable Update will ask you to download some files that needed to search, download and install Windows updates. Select all the check boxes, which are marked red and click the “Start” button that appears in the upper right corner.

After downloading all the necessary files, you’ll be taken to the main window where the application displays all the details about your current system.

Now, go to the tab “System” and click the Start button to search for all available Windows updates.

After the search process is complete, the Search tab displays all the available updates for a particular system. This tab ignore all that is already installed on your system.

If you go to the tab “Download”, you will see udate are available with for your operating system.

The nice thing about Portable Update is to ask a lot of information such as the download size, update type, severity update, reboot static, etc. Select all the updates you want to download for offline installation, and click the “Start” button.

After downloading the update is complete, you can install the updates that have been downloaded from the tab “Install”. To install, select the update and click the “Start” button that appears in the upper right corner. All files are in downloadPortable Updates will be placed in a folder named “Cache”.

Because all the updates in place locally, you can copy / move the entire folder Portabe upadate semuah to removable devices and mengisntall updates are required, for the second version of the OS is the same.

As you can see, PortableUpdate presents an unreasonable way to download all Windows updates for offline use. So, if you are someone who needs to mengisntall Windows Update, then try Portable Update .

Hopefully useful!

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