How to Update Windows 10 November Through Media Creation Tool

Hopefully now you’ve all been getting the latest updates from Windows release november 10 weeks yesterday. This latest update brings Windows 10 to build 10486. This is the first major changes since its launch in the month of july. As part of the strategy of “Windows as a service”, you’ll see more big updates like this in the future. Update november itself brings change not just a few new features, but also improvements that make Windows 10 more stable and faster. In Teknogadget, we will discuss anything any changes in this update. You, now we will give you a way to install these updates through Micrososft Media Creation Tool if you have a problem get it from Windows Update.

Cara Dapat Windows 10 Update Bulan November Melalui Media Creation Tool

As you already know the bottom, you’ll get updates Windows 10 each time new updates are released, however, Windows updates sometimes do not work properly and instead gives an error message. If you’ve tried everything but no luck this Novermber menginstlal update, then you need to try Media Creation Tool.

This tool comes from Micrososft will download an update or even a whole ISO Windows 10 to upgrade your system. You can download it here:

When you run Media Creation Tool, there will be two options:

  • Upgrade this PC now; This option does the same thing with Windows Update. The difference is that Windows Update do it quietly in the background. If you have problems with Windows Update and you want to upgrade your PC right now, please choose this option.

  • Create installation for another PC: This option we rekomendsaikan. These options help you create a USB to setup Windows 10 as well as an ISO file. When you have an ISO file, you no longer need to wait to download the update again if the installation fails.

If you choose “Upgarede this PC Now”, What you need to do is wait until the download and follow the instructions that Ada. By contrast, with other options, then you will have an ISO file. To start the installation from an ISO file, simply double-click the file and Windows will automatically create a virtual CD drive. After that, run “setup.exe” to start the upgrade program. You will be given a few questions to verify that you want to leave everything and upgrade Windows 10. Just follow the instructions apda screen and that’s it.

Hopefully useful.

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