How to select the Windows Update behavior of Windows10 yourself

Windows10 does not provide the items to be set for the execution time of the Windows Update in the standard of the state. Therefore, heretofore the user as has become impossible to select the timing of the update.

However, by using the “Local Group Policy Editor” even Windows10, you will be able to set yourself update timing, etc. of Windows Update. I would like to introduce the method.

to control the automatic update of Windows Update

Windows10 Update自動更新構成の設定画面

Windows10 Update Settings screen of the automatic update configuration

Windows10’s has become a specification that can not be controlled on the execution timing, etc. of Windows Update is, it seems that it is a result of taking into account the security aspects.

OS (basic software) such as Windows, because you have to be able to reinforce the defect point, such as OS failures and security holes that have been found at the time by running the Windows Update, as soon as possible the latest automatically I think became the specification to run Windows Update in order to apply the enhancement data.

, however, from the fact that Windows Update, such as when you have a rush job is also when the trouble and would have been executed, I think many of the Even if you think the Windows Update behavior and want to control their own if possible.

Windows10 even by using the “Local Group Policy Editor”, such as Windows7 and Windows8 the application of updates and or disabled only in the manual so that you can set yourself a Windows Update behavior will be .

※ 2016 of July, seems to not use Windows10 Home In the Local Group Policy Editor. There is a free program that can be able to use the Local Group Policy Editor overseas site, but can not recommend too much because it is a part related to security as described above. Let’s hope in the corresponding future of Microsoft.

how to configure the Local Group Policy Editor

how to configure the Windows Update by using the Local Group Policy Editor is as follows.

① administrator privileges to open the Local Group Policy Editor in


open by right-clicking on the Start button menu screen

It started from the command prompt (administrator) to open the

surely administrator privileges.
First, right-click on the Start button, and then click the “command prompt (administrator)” located in the menu.


input screen of command prompt

and After the rise of the command prompt screen by typing “gpedit” press the Enter key, the Local Group Policy Editor will start.

②Windows open the Update of the setting item screen


Local Group Policy Editor screen

from the left-hand menu of the Local Group Policy Editor screen, select the “Administrative Templates” → “Windows Components” → “Windows Update” in the “configuration of the computer.”

because on the right-hand portion of the Local Group Policy Editor screen set list of items related to Windows Update will be displayed, open the edit screen by double-clicking the “Configure Automatic Updates”.

to set the ③Windows Update automatic update.


“Configure Automatic Updates” setting edit screen

Changes the check of the “automatic update to configure” in the upper left part of the screen “Not configured, enable or disable” column to “valid”.

When you click the blank column of

in the lower-left corner of the options column “configuration of the automatic update”, “2-notification to download and install”, “3-automatic notification to download and install,” “4-an automatic download and install date and time since the designation “” 5-allow local configuration selection of the administrator “is a pull-down display, and appropriately selected.

contents of each choice is as follows.

“notice 2-Download and install”
· The update you will be notified prior to download and install.
“notice 3-automatic download and install”
– Automatically after you download the update, you will be notified before you install the update.
“4-automatic specify the download and install date and time”
– Automatically download the updates, and install it on the date and time you have set the update program.
“5-Allow local configuration selection of the administrator.”
The administrator of the client computer, you can select the configuration options using the automatic update of the control panel.

last to close the screen by clicking the “OK” button in the lower right. Then, press the Enter key and type “gpupdate / force” at the command prompt screen in order to apply the settings immediately.

Configuration tasks

is complete.

自動更新を無効にした時のWindows Update詳細オプション画面

Windows Update Advanced Options screen when you disable the automatic update

If you change the check of the “non-configuration and enable or disable” column when set to “Disable”, you can stop the automatic update function. By using if you want to stop the check itself of the update program, you can stop a confirmation arbitrary communication and.

Of course, even if you disable the configuration of the automatic update, you can manually update confirmation from the “Check for Updates” button of Windows Update.

I have to now “disabled” setting, we are checking manually update the program at your convenience once a week. Since the Windows Update is important on security, please refer to the set-up and day-to-day update confirmation top of self-responsibility is if you want to change the configuration of the automatic update in the manner described above.

If you feel troublesome self-management of this setting and the update, because I think that it is in an environment that does not have much merit to be avoiding the automatic update until the hassle, by automatic update in obediently leave the PC Oita better is I think that it is safe.

or more, we showed how in order to be able to choose on their own the Windows Update work with Windows10.

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