How to fix when Android Device is not connecting to Laptop [Quick Guide]

Android Device Not Connected To Laptop What to Do mobileslatestWe can do lots of work without doing copy from connecting android device to laptop or computer like watching phone’s video, images or transfer file. All these work we can do by connecting android device to laptop or computer. Sometimes it happens when we want to connect our android phone to laptop but it is not detecting by the computer or we cannot see that android phone is connected or not. Sometimes phone has been connected but memory cannot be shown or read by the computer. Sometimes you connect the phone or computer or phone will hang or it has no effect on the computer while you connect the phone. So there are too many solutions for this problem.

Easy Ways to Fix the Android Phone When it is Not Connected

Step 1. Restart your computer or phone. It is very easy and simple to see but sometimes it is necessary to restart your computer or phone because you run your computer or phone from long time but you don’t restart it once and it is overloaded. So it is good to restart your phone before connecting the device to your computer.

Step 2. Update your phone once. Sometimes the bug is in your software and your phone needs an update. So firstly update your phone and then connect to the laptop or computer.

Step 3. Update your computer. Sometimes when your computer or laptop is not updated, it does not accept any Android device. That is why keep updating your system. Remember that do not install many update.

Step 4. Use debug mode. When nothing works then this will work. This mode allows you to directly access your phone, transfer and install apps without notification. For this-

  • Go to the setting.

  • Select the Developer options.

  • Turn on the USB debugging.

Step 5. Remove process by task manager. All you have to install the android app killer for remove the apps and clean cache too. Then connect your laptop or computer to android device.

Step 6. Use USBDeview and clean USB devices. Sometimes problem is in your computer because when many USB devices plugged in your computer or laptop so computer installed so many drivers and that is why when you plug your android device, computer or laptop will not recognize it. With the help of USBDeview you can manage your all devices and uninstall the unwanted files.

  • Firstly install the USBDeview and open it.

  • Now you will see too many android devices including your device also. Now unplug your device and uninstall all the android device, mass storage device, tablet device etc.

  • Reboot your computer.

  • Now plug your android device. If window is not detecting your device then install the driver.

Step 7. Check you USB cable once. Sometimes problem is not in our phone or computer but in USB cable. If your android device does connect to your laptop with another USB cable then your old USB cable has some problem. Change the USB cable and use another cable.

From these solutions you will connect your android device to the laptop or computer by USB cable.

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