How To Display Only Post Title in Feedburner email Feeds [Quick Guide]

Owned by Google, A free service that allows publishers to deliver their content to feeds subscribers via email. Also referred by Rss Feeds. There might be other uses and technicalities involved in FeedBurner but I’m going to explain this with the perspective of bloggers (especially newbies…). So the thing is, whenever you publish a new post, it will be delivered to the users who subscribed your blog via email.

By default the post you published will be delivered complete.

Just noticed on many top Blogs, i.e Mybloggertricks, just wondered, why they are giving highly priority to subscribe by email, “because if you are subscribed to feeds to your own blog, you might noticed that you are delivering complete post”.

Things Changed:

Now if you deliver only Post Title with Optional summary of posts, then you can allow the subscriber to visit your site or blog. the tool we will used is Summary burner.

Summary Burner:

Sometimes you just want to be a tease. Offer a short summary of your hyperlink-free content and direct your subscribers to your Web site for the rest of the story. You can also append an optional “Teaser” message to each content item .

Display Only Post Title In Feedburner E-mail feeds:

Step-1: Go to Feedburner, and click on feeds for your blogs. 
Step-2: At the top menu click on Optimize. 
Step-3: At the left bottom, click on Summary Burner 

Once you arrived to Summary burner page. you can active this services. 

Maximum Length:- number of characters you want to be the summary of your posts, It may be Null, and you  can leave it, so that no summary for the post. 

Teaser:- Optional text you want to appear in each feeds.

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