How to Create SEO Friendly Permalinks For a Blogger Posts

Permalinks are the permanent links to a post page. Blogger automatically generates a permalink based on the title of your post. Permalinks provide information to the viewer about the kind of content being pointed to.

Permalinks create permanent links to your Blogger posts which are indexed by search engines such as Google. Search engines use permalinks to categorize posts. Browsers use permalinks to help navigate to your posts. When you hover over a permalink in your browser you can read the post name in the status bar.

The permalink for this article is:

Tips For Working With PERMALINKS In BLOGGER 

While other blogging software such as WordPress allows the user to edit permalinks Blogger has no such feature. For this reason care needs to be taken when creating titles for your posts as the permalink generated from the title can’t be changed later. While your article is in draft form you can continue to change the title as many times as you like. However, once the permalink is assigned at the point that the post is published it remains the same no matter how many times you change the title of your post. 

Before in Blogger, you had only AUTOMATIC PERMALINKS which allowed you to add character less than 35-40 automatically. For an instance a Long Title such as the one below would result in a shortened permalink which would lose the important fact that this post is related to working with Blogger:


Should be like this !

Fortunately now Blogger recently has a facility of adding longer Title detail (more than 35-40 characters) as a permalink. It is a CUSTOM PERMALINK. You can add Title characters manually as many as you want. 

Once the post is published you can change the title “How to Create SEO Friendly Permalinks For Your Blogger Posts.” as many times as you like. The permalink, however has remained the same even though the title has changed. 

You can use this trick to create eye catching and memorable titles. It will also ensure that the permalink reflects a concise title and that unnecessary details in the permalink are removed. Creating concise permalinks is important for Search Engine Optimization. Read more about Search Engine Optimization in the blog tutorial Tips for Search Engine Optimization.

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