How to change free the Windows7 / 8.1 of the 32bit version to the 64bit version

How to change free the Windows7 / 8.1 of the 32bit version to the 64bit version when you upgrade to Windows10

free upgrade to Windows10 to the last year of July 29 has been started already nearly a year has passed since, we have more and more people are using Windows10 also around.

However, the upgrade to the Windows10 but are using a Windows7 / 8.1 still a little wait and see, I think in quite many people called.

However, also becomes about one week after free upgrade period, also since it has been recommend actively your upgrade of Microsoft also to Windows10, it seems to be an increasing number who are thought to wonder if that should be soon upgrade.

but it is great pains where you want to use in deals to free period if you want to upgrade.

In this study, using a PC at hand that Windows7 32bit version is installed, I think that it would like to introduce the procedure results that tried the Windows10 free upgrade work on the 64bit version .

can be changed to the 64bit version from the 32bit version of the upgrade to Windows10


windows10 desktop screen

I’d have a Windows PC of the current three, collect the relevant information and the like on the net because of concerns such as the compatibility of software that failure or use of upgrading to Windows10, until this I had only kept to.

recently, listening to the information of the “apparently can be changed to the 64bit version from the 32bit version for free when you upgrade to Windows10” from an acquaintance, that it if it, Windows7 32bit version was purchased a few years ago has been installed and the personal computer in the lab bench, tried to challenge the upgrade to Windows7 32bit version → Windows10 64bit version.

windows7 32bit版のシステム仕様表示画面

windows7 32bit version of the system specification display screen

this time to upgrade your computer which was bought ago few years, is a personal computer that Windows7 Professional 32bit version is installed. System requirements of the CPU, a memory, and the like required for upgrading to Windows10 has cleared.

memory we are up to 4GB from 1GB to, but because that is about 3GB of available even if 4GB partial implementation in the case of 32bit version As you know, the 64bit version that can work around this limitation, if possible I thought that I want to.

it is just good as the bench of this Windows10 upgrade.

benefits of change from the 32bit version to the 64bit version

from the 32bit version to one of the benefits of change to the 64bit version the physical memory of the personal computer can be added more than 4GB and there is a point that .

until the 32bit version of a few years ago was the mainstream, but trouble comes out software is a 64bit version was recommended prefer the 32bit version from reasons such as a certain part, it is now the mainstream is more of a 64bit version has been, most of the software and hardware has become basically a 64bit version correspondence.

in the physical memory is the maximum that can be recognized by the 32bit version for 3.2GB of back and forth, for such it is possible to 64bit version if more than 4GB of recognition, if the expansion of the physical memory to change the 64bit version memory consumption also you will be able to comfortably use at the time of the abundant work.

For example, if you or multiple tabs open or look at the net video, such as YouTube in the browser such as Internet Explorer (IE) and Google Chrome, to consume the physical memory of the blink of an eye 1 ~ 2GB, but 32bit version heavy operation gone free memory capacity when you realized that, you may be referred to.

it has quite the working memory consumption such as video editing is greater in the other, because there is a case where memory consumption is increased by what is running on automatic, such as Windows Update, is a case where these by be affected to other work Yes you.

Since it is

, but will take the time and effort that must have a clean installation, the person in using the 32bit version of the current OS, also to the changes to the 64bit version to take the opportunity of the free upgrade to this Windows10 perform the would say that recommended.

Always back up before upgrading

The change from the 32bit version to carry out this time to the 64bit version, it will be necessary to clean install work, as will be described later, another personal data, such as confirmation and photos settings before you perform the upgrade work on Windows10 let’s advance preparation, such as backup to the HDD.

if only to upgrade from Windows7 to Windows10 not change the bit number, but with the current settings and storage data is taken over as it is to the new OS, in the worst case OS becomes unbootable in the upgrade of OS unforeseen since there is also the possibility that the situation occurs, it is safe Once you have a backup of the data provided at the time of the event.

backup of is required I think it is basically made in the following.

, photos and text, personal data

such as music and videos- Separately installed program name and its settings

And set point and the contents of the Windows-related was changed from such as the Control Panel

In addition to this also, let’s back up, if necessary, if there is such as a set of hard Equipment mounted on your own.

easy way to backup

‘s the if to confirm the above settings to save the data, such as to an external HDD backup is complete, but it takes a little time and effort to do it individually.

For this reason, it was backed up to the HDD each another HDD using the HDD copy tool below this time. You can be collectively store all data and settings if this method, you can return to the original by reversing the HDD you are at the time of the event.

In addition, even if you want to return to Windows7 from Windows10, you can revert to secure than the function to return the OS that comes with Windows10 (within one month after the free update enabled).

HDD copy function with SATA USB3.0 conversion cable

USB-CVIDE4 (Sanwa)

use is simple, just press the copy button on the main unit by connecting each of the HDD to be used as for the HDD and backup that contains the OS that was taken out from the personal computer.

because from a household electrical outlet it can be used by only taking power, setting of a PC is not required. However, it is necessary to connect a copy tool removed the HDD, and some computer knowledge is required.

is recommended because the backup work if you use this method can also be easy of course work to return to Windows7.

procedure of upgrade work

is an upgrade of the procedure, but first once upgrade from Windows7 32bit version to Windows10 32bit version as the main flow, it will then Windows10 64bit version to feel that a clean installation.

seems to Windows7 of 32bit version is not possible to install the Windows10 of direct 64bit version to a computer that is installed. Even during this time of work I have tried or can be installed directly, but was unable to do so again.

① to download the Windows10 setup tool

First, download it from the official site “Windows10 setup tool.” to download the setup for the data in order to upgrade to Windows10.

, but this is the tool There are two types of for 64bit and for 32bit, in both functional you can download the Windows10 setup data of both of the same a 32bit / 64bit.

now because it uses a 32bit version of Windows7 / 8.1, to download the for 32bit.

② download the Windows10 setup data

, and then download using the tools that you downloaded “data for Windows10 setup of the 64bit version.” .

32bit version also set up for the data I may be downloaded, because it comes with the ability to upgrade to Windows10 to set up for the tool, purposely downloaded for upgrade work from Windows7 32bit version to Windows10 32bit version It is okay to not have to.


of the operation to be run selection screen

and to launch the tool, it will be first on the screen display. Select “create the installation media for other PC” and click “Next”.


language, architecture, edition of the selection screen

“Japanese”, edition of the language “Windows10 pro (in the case of Home Edition Home)”, and select “64-bit (x64)” in architecture and then click “Next”.


media selection screen to be used to install

in the selection screen of the installation media, and then select whether to create an ISO file for either DVD creation to create a USB storage. This time select the USB storage.

to terminate the tool Once created, remove the USB storage.

③ using the tool to upgrade to Windows10 32bit version


Select “this PC Upgrade Now”

Once you have created a USB storage, using the tool to perform the upgrade work from Windows7 32bit to Windows10 32bit.

and activates the tool by selecting “to this PC Upgrade Now” to select the “Next”, you immediately start the upgrade work to the Windows10.

such as the selection screen of consent screen and takes over the contents to Windows10 to the license terms, and to proceed to the guide as of the screen that appears, and then complete the upgrade to Windows10 32bit version.

windows10 32bit版のシステム仕様表示画面

windows10 32bit version of the system specification display screen

and from the control panel to open the display screen of the system, you can see that it is secure and upgrade to Windows10 Pro 32bit version.

32bit version of the change to the 64bit version

safely Now that you upgrade to Windows10, the next step is to make changes work to the 64bit version from the 32bit version.

have just created, and to start up your computer in a state in which the insert the USB storage you put the setup data of Windows10 64bit version on your computer, you start a clean installation of Windows10.

If in the case that would have been to see the Windows Start screen normally be activated pointing to USB storage is set to give priority to the reading of USB to open the setting screen of the boot device order of change screen and BIOS is required.

In general, the boot device order of change screen is a lot that you can view by pressing the F12 key or F8 key when the computer is started, there are many that can be displayed by pressing the DEL key or F2 key when the BIOS setup screen personal computer start-up is.

However, because the procedure of order change BIOS settings and boot device is different depending on the manufacturer and model of your computer, please For more information check the manual or the like.

When the Windows10 setup screen opens, we will promote the guidance as of the screen. Please select: “Installing Windows only custom” under the screen of “Please choose the type of installation.”

enter a product key about the way twice will be required, but you can each be omitted by selecting the “Skip” “Next”.

This is, already in order to automatically product key in the case of PC Windows10 is installed is in the mechanism to be authenticated, if you want to install with a new HDD or SSD is the input of the product key of Windows10 It seems to be required.

windows10 64bit版のシステム仕様表示画面

windows10 64bit version of the system specification display screen

If you see the screen of the system after the completion of the clean installation work, have been changed to the 64bit version from properly 32bit version, it has also been firmly authentication Windows license.

In addition, the available size of memory is also an increasing number of 1GB near from 2.8GB to 3.68GB, is likely to be able to afford at the time of working memory consumption is large.

The upgrade work from Windows7 32bit version of Windows10 to the 64bit version is completed successfully. After that, is completed cycling program was various installation settings and individually they are no longer a clean installation, personal data, and the like.

personal computer has changed to that of the desktop and the operation screen Windows10 is somehow so that feels good at the time of use for the first time a new personal computer (laughs)

also incidentally choose to upgrade to SSD

SATA2.5 inch SSD

recently have prices of SSD becomes much cheaper, 128GB 4000 yen, has become as buy in about 7000 yen even 250GB.

from the fact that of the computer’s operating at only replace the SSD is faster from HDD, have recently been attracting attention as a way to up the easy performance of the PC without the cost.

then try to exchange from the HDD in passing to upgrade the other PC SSD, also believes that funny kana to try how much action is fast or.

In the following pages, it was found try using a while the personal computer that has been upgraded to Windows10, introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages of the upgrade.

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