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When we start working in as independent , we did not always trust in us and in our new activity. Initially, with the enthusiasm and excitement, we are motivated at 100% and we feel as we grow the wings of success. The idea is innovative, it fascinates us. Then arise doubts, especially when it’s time to sell and live on his activity: Are my customers will like my product? Will I make enough money to support myself? I will reveal some secrets to take off your sales.

attirer davantage de clients

Talk about your activity

Maybe you already a blog or a website related to the product or service you offer. Surely you communicate on the Internet and on social networks. But we must go further: talk about your professional activity around you


It is essential to always have available cards. If you do not have one, create them quickly. There are websites and software that offer to edit for free. The business card is essential to establish a connection with a person and leave a trace of you. Maybe will she row and set aside at the time of the exchange. But it will probably stood at the occasion by the person who needs you or it will be sent to his colleague who will make good use.

Always have your business cards on you at any time

At work, at the beach, hiking, shopping, restaurants, a nightclub. Whenever I am invited in friends, I see this as an opportunity to me know , me, my business and my products.


When talking to you, you must have previously prepared your message . Initially, this technique may seem strange and uncomfortable. But with practice, it will be easy. When we meet someone, one of the favorite questions is: Q hat do you do in life So Have on hand a catchphrase such as “ I am / I work / do …. and I help people to … “. You must show that Your mission is to help people . Then give an example that will be speaking to the caller. If you have a blog, tell him that you write inspirational articles on a particular area and invite them to come and visit. It was at that time that it is quite appropriate to give his business card.

The more you talk about yourself, you will attract more customers , but also partners, which in turn will talk to you. The more you talk to, the more you will practice clearly define the message you want to convey relative to your product and your website. Remember that there is a human behind each computer.

Love your product

faire aimer son produit

Have you ever participated in sales shows? Who has the most customers to its stand? Who makes the most sales? Watch this seller, he is always smiling and has a passionate air. The secret is first to love what you sell . The purpose is not, of course, to force, since your customers always will feel if you’re true or not.

Actually, you have to practice to love your product . If you are not sure, there are exercises to increase self-esteem . Working on self-esteem, you will have more confidence in you and your professional activity . You have chosen to exercise this new business, so you must take and remove your doubts.

I remember the first few months I started to sell. I had little confidence in me, I told others that I could not sell it hard. I even said it to my potential customers. Fatal error! Nothing better to sink his own ship. Even if you have difficulty selling at first, do not tell anyone. If we ask the question “ How does it work the business? “, answer “ better and better “. You do not lie, because working to develop and improve your business .

By keeping reported positive spirit , you will transmit that energy to your customers and partners. When you talk about your business, do not disparage your product, always use positive and constructive terms . If you feel that a product like most to your customers, make necessary modifications or dispose of your range. This is probably a product in which you have ceased to believe in its effectiveness, its beauty or its performance. So do not let it rot in your offer, it is the right time to make the necessary changes.

When working with passion and you really love what you do , your customers will feel it. Keep smiling at any time, talking on the phone, when you write an email or writing a paper. It will be transmitted through your voice, your writing or any other means of expression. Of course, it is not always easy to be 100% motivated and passionate every day. But it is possible to implement habits to always stay motivated .

Working with the heart and constantly put love in your allows you to reach more and more customers, and significantly increase your sales. Try it and see the results.

Amandine blog Life of My Dreams .

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