How to add its loyalty cards in Apple Wallet? [Full Guide]

With the arrival of Apple Pay by a few weeks in France, we will finally find a real utility the Wallet app (formerly Passbook) present in iOS 4 years. Today I propose a little tutorial to add your favorite loyalty cards in Wallet. It’s quick and free!

To store all my loyalty cards, I have long used the application Stocard . It works fine, the design is nice and we find the majority of French brands. But as I do not like having two applications that do the same thing on my iPhone, I recently migrated Wallet.

There are several ways to add his cards in the app. We’ll see them together!

Add the card via the application of the sign

First, some retailers have decided to handle the addition of Wallet loyalty card directly from their official application. This is for example the case for: Leclerc Super U Air France or Auchan . Then simply download the official application on the App Store and enter your information.


Going through official applications, you will have the opportunity to have practical information such as the balance of your loyalty card. It works for me very well at Leclerc and Super U.

Add the card via PassWallet

Unfortunately, very few shops have their own app on the App Store today. So I looked for a service to create loyalty cards in Wallet. I stumbled by chance on PassWallet . This site allows you to easily generate a small tile to add to Wallet.

You just have to select your sign and then enter the required information, usually it is the first / last name and card number.

You also have the option, according to the signs, choose your favorite stores. This is convenient because, thanks to geolocation, loyalty card will be automatically available if you are next to these stores.


Click the button “Add to Apple Wallet”. If you do it from Safari on macOS, a small window will appear (like the one below) and you can directly add the card. If you do not have a Mac, I suggest you visit the website PassWallet directly from your iPhone.


For the moment this site is only available in stores France but I saw that he would soon be available in stores in Belgium and Switzerland .

I hope this tutorial useful! I look forward now that banks are moving to incorporate Apple Pay quickly in this case, Wallet will make sense and become truly indispensable.

If you have a question or comment, feel free in the comments.

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