How to Add a Gadget Above the Header in Blogger

Blogger’s Dashboard feature allows users to adjust the appearance of their blog with a few clicks of the mouse. Within the Dashboard, there is a ” Layout ” feature which lets bloggers add Gadgets such as RSS feeds, traffic counters, embedded media to their sites, adding beautiful widgets, showing notifications, pictures, etc.

Mainly by default in Blogger “Layout”, you can see several places to add a Gadget. Such as:-

Right below the Title and above the posts,
The Sidebars,
The Footer, etc.

It is easy to identify them because all of them have a big linked title yelling ” Add a Gadget “. Click on the link and you can choose the gadgets you want to add. After adding them, you can drag and rearrange them. You can also drag one from the side bar to the footer, above the post, below the post, etc.

Now, by editing your Blog’s HTML code, you can allow for the addition of a Gadget above the header. Let’s see some steps adding ” Add a Gadget ” icon above the header of your Blog.

Adding a Gadget Above the Header in Blogger

Step-1. Log into your Blogger account. Once logged in, you will be transported to your Dashboard.

Step-2. Select “Template”, then click “Edit HTML”.

Step-3. Scroll through the HTML code within the text box and locate this fragment:

Or you can press Ctrl+F and search below;

Step-4. Now you will find the detailed fragment. Just beneath the line you will see below;


From above change maxwidgets=’1′ to maxwidgets=’5′.

Step-5. Just next to maxwidgets – in showaddelement=’no’, change ‘no’ to ‘yes’.

Step-6. This is an important step – Hit the “Save” button, lol.

Step-7. After saving return to your Dashboard. Select “Layout“. Above your header, there will be a link titled “Add a Gadget“. Click this and add the Gadget of your choice.

Step-8. Save your changes and view your blog to ensure the widget was added correctly.

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Enjoy !

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