How to Add Border around Post Images on Blogger/Blogspot

Everybody wants their websites and it’s images a bit stylish and attractive. If you wish the same there should be some style to your blog images like drop shadow or borders. In this simple tutorial we will teach you to add borders around your post images on blogger using few simple CSS Code. Let’s start to add a nice look on your images having colourful borders in your web pages !

How To Add Border Around Blog Images ?

Step-1. Go to Blogger >> Template >> Edit Html
Step-2. Now search for ]]>
Step-3. Copy and Paste the following code just above ]]>

/**/.post img border:1px solid #e3e3e3; border-radius:10px; padding: 10px; 

Step-4. Save the template and you are done.
Step-5. Make following changes to change style, color or size of the border.

  • Increase 1px to increase the width of border 

  • Change solid to dotted or dashed to change style of border 

  • Replace #e3e3e3 to change border color 

  • Remove border-radius: 10px; to remove the radius around the corners

We hope you liked our tutorial on adding border around post images on blogger/blogspot. If it helped you, just subscribe and like us on facebook. Enjoy !


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