How Subscribing to others blogs has got me more Traffic? [Quick Guide]

You must be thinking that how subscribing to others blogs and websites has helped me to get some extra traffic for my blog. Well, Today in this post of mine I will explain to you that how subscribing to others blogs provided me more traffic and also helped me to generate more revenue for my blog. You can say that it is a two-way process and both the bloggers can subscribe to each other and get updates and make comments to grow their traffic. I have subscribed to my fellow bloggers and makes comments on their new posts. And you can do that too. But there are some points which I would like to share with you.

  • Subscribing helps in getting Updates from others Blog:

When you subscribe to the others blogs you get the updates from them. Sometimes these posts approve of being helpful and can a be turning point for you. I personally have subscribed to hundreds of blogs and websites. There are two best reasons for subscribing to the others blogs and those are:

  1. We can be the first commenter on their blog.

  2. Secondly, we get an  update about if something which could to grow your Blog or sometimes better than that.

There are many famous bloggers whom I have subscribed like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Enstine Muki, Philip Varghese Ariel and some more are there. As I focus on a single niche blog instead of Multi niche blog so I follow those blogs who share about WordPress, SEO, Internet marketing and something similar to it. But you can subscribe to those blogs or sites which belong to your topic or niche. Or you can even subscribe to those websites which interest you. Like I have also subscribed to the sites which share content about food and new recipes.

  • You can be a first commenter on the famous blogs:

When I was a newbie in the field of blogging or when I start a new blog, I have made commenting as my secret weapon. And many bloggers like Harsh Aggarwal say’s that try to comment on the others blogs and try to be the first commenter on their posts.  Making comments on others blog will help them to recognize you and many of the good bloggers will return the favor, and become one of the visitors of your blog and as a result, your blog’s traffic will be increased. If you are a new blogger then I advise you to try to be the first commenter on your competitor’s posts or some of the other bloggers latest blogs posts.

And mark my Words that once you are on the list of the top bloggers, comment on the top bloggers latest posts and you will see the difference with your blog traffic. And also reply to their comments on their post, I mean doing a long chat on the top bloggers post with them will help the admin of the blog and other commenters notice you easily. And surely there will be many bloggers who will recognize and count you as one of the experienced and top blogger. Thus, resulting a boost in traffic.

Many bloggers try to do the commenting in mass, reaching the people in a large quantity but this could end up in a manual penalty by Google. Although, I have written a post on how to get your comments approved and I am sure that it will help you with commenting for sure. For getting more comments many bloggers are using Commentluv enabled blogs, so you can also use the CommentLuv plugin to get some more comments.

  • Subscribing helps you to be updated about the latest trends:

There are websites and blogs which provide the information about the latest trends going on the internet about your niche. As for getting updates about the Google’s updates I have subscribed to the Search engine land and marketing land and some of the more sites like these. These sites provide the updates about the Google’s algorithm, as we know that google makes more than 400 changes per year and these sites provide the all essential information needed to rank on Google first Page. And sometimes these sites provide more than the needed information, they also post something  good through which can we make our website better and rank on Google SERPs. I have been using these sites from the day I started doing SEO and internet marketing.

  • No Doubt you can learn about new things:

I personally have learned many new things through subscribing to others blogs and websites. And there is no doubt that you can also learn many new things. When you subscribe to the others websites, you will surely be getting the post they are going to share and in every post, there might be something new. So, I personally read all the post and I will also recommend you to subscribe and read the posts of others bloggers to learn new things.

Finally, What I want to Say:

There is no doubt that subscribing has helped me to grow my blog. I am able to grow my blog with more visitors and sometimes with more inspirations from the others post.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me that how subscribing has helped you. Give me your opinion about it through your comments.

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